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Up and Running with 3D in AutoCAD 2013

with Scott Onstott

Video: Welcome

Explore techniques for creating and designing three-dimensional models in AutoCAD 2013.
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Up and Running with 3D in AutoCAD 2013
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If you're comfortable with 2D drawing in AutoCAD 2013 and ready to start creating and designing three-dimensional models, this workshop from AutoCAD expert and author Scott Onstott is for you. Learn about 3D navigation and wireframing; surface, solid, and mesh modeling techniques; designing and assigning materials; placing natural and artificial lights; and configuring both direct and global illumination rendering parameters to create photorealistic renderings. With the 3D techniques from this course, you can prepare to bring your designs one step closer to reality.

Topics include:
  • 3D views, perspectives, and tools in AutoCAD
  • Controlling the visual style
  • Working with tiled viewports
  • Composing perspective views
  • Drawing in 3D
  • Modeling an Ionic column
  • Documenting 3D models
  • Creating dynamic slideshows, animations, and renderings
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Welcome to the getting started with 3D and AutoCAD 2013 workshop with me Scott Onstott. I am an educator and trainer specializing in AutoCAD and other design software. In addition to teaching AutoCAD I am also the author of AutoCAD 2013 and AutoCAD LT 2013 Essentials. Enhancing architectural drawings and models with Photoshop, and several other books. Getting started with 3D and Autocad is a basic workshop for getting up to speed with 3D modeling. It was designed for those already comfortable with 2D drawing who now want to graduate to creating and designing three-dimensional models. Traditional drafting techniques have limited artists to representing models as 2D projections, but now a new wave of software packages, and AutoCad in particular, have allowed us to gradually move one step closer to reality with 3D design.

This course will teach you the basics for how to get the most out of AutoCad's powerful 3D tools. You will first learn how to navigate in 3D space, and learn a number of tools that make working in 3D on a 2D screen easier. Then you will model a complex form to meet specific modeling challenges. In this case a classical architectural ionic column. Next you will learn how to document 3D models as 2D drawings. By having Autocad automatically generate 2D projections for you.

Finally you will learn how to create dynamic slide shows, animations, and photorealistic renderings of 3D models. This course is for anyone interested in graduating from 2D to 3D design in Autocad. So if you're interested in exploring modeling in Autocad, from the basics of navigating through space, to modeling complex forms with solids and surfaces. This course is for you, so let's get started. (music playing)

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