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By Doug Winnie | Friday, April 20, 2012

When does lynda.com plan to launch a new Adobe Edge course?

The web industry is changing quickly. To keep up with this change companies that create tools for web designers and developers also need to change quickly. Adobe, Microsoft, and Google are releasing new tools and technologies at a fast pace, and updates to these even faster.

Although we work hard to get courses covering the latest materials live on lynda.com as quickly as possible, before we start production on a beta course, we sometimes have to pause to consider what plan of action will, in the long run, ultimately deliver the best learning experience for our members. A number of the lynda.com content managers have been product managers or engineers at software companies, and we understand a software company’s struggle to define, clarify, and deliver the right features to their users, and that changes can happen to software late in the game. When it comes to our courses, with releases going live nearly every week, we think it’s important to balance the time it takes to create the training you need, with a larger picture that keeps our member’s overall best interests in mind.

With the latest version of Adobe Edge, Preview 5, we were forced to strongly consider this delicate balance. As a result, we decided to skip the Preview 5 release and focus on the upcoming next release. We love Adobe Edge, we want to make sure you are successful with it, and we want to reassure you that there will continue to be new Adobe Edge content on lynda.com in the future.

Thanks for your support, and happy learning.

Doug Winnie, Senior Content Manager for Web and InteractiveMordy Golding, Author, Edge First Look and Director of Content

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