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By Mordy Golding | Sunday, March 03, 2013

Tips for searching

Sometimes you want to watch an entire course to learn a new skill, and other times you need the answer to a specific question. But when your search terms apply to multiple content areas, you may end up with search results that are of little help.

Recent improvements to our website now allow you to easily refine your search results to quickly find what you need. I will walk you through two examples.

Let’s say you’re working with some video clips and you want to know how to use a clipping mask—a feature used across design or video workflows and in multiple applications. However, clipping is also a term used in audio editing.

1. To find what you’re looking for, start by typing clipping mask in the search field found in the navigation bar at the top of any page.

Tips for searching the library

2. By default, returns a list of courses that cover the clipping mask feature. But you want to find an individual video that teaches you how to use clipping masks, so let’s refine the search to show just videos, not entire courses. On the left side of the list of courses, choose Videos.

Tips for searching the library

3. The search results are now updated to show individual videos that talk about the use of clipping masks. Still the results cover all workflows, and you’re interested in just video-related ones. Refine your search one level further by clicking the Video filter in the list of subjects.

Tips for searching the library

4. Now you’ll see a shorter list of individual videos that offer more specific answers.

Tips for searching the library

This method is also great when searching with a word that may have multiple meanings. Say, for example, you have a question about grading—a word with multiple meanings. In video workflows, grading is a term used to describe color correction. Grading is also a term a business manager or educator might use when rating performance or marking an exam.

a. Start by typing grading in the search field. b. Limit your search to individual videos by choosing Videos. c. Refine your search by choosing Business for the subject.

Happy searching!

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