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By Todd Dewett | Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Supporting Creativity

Supporting Creativity

This week’s tips address one of my favorite topics—and one that’s vital to your career: creativity. Anyone can become a subject matter expert, and just about anyone can learn to make sound decisions. But it takes a bit more dedication and bravery to hone your professional creativity.

This week’s first tip focuses on your personal creative ability. Bad news: You’ve grown up and forgotten that once upon a time you were a creative genius. All kids are. It’s amazing how life used to be nothing but imagination and possibilities.

As you grew, life placed a never-ending series of new constraints on you. These are systems designed to give you efficiency: what time to get up, what to wear, where to sit in school, what time classes begin, where your office is located, and so on.

These daily routines limit thought to provide quick automatic answers. Good for you—efficiency is nice. But creativity is better. If you honestly want to get outside of the proverbial box, it’s time to examine and intentionally shake up those routines. Trust me: when you do, your brain will thank you.

The second tip this week concerns the related topic of diversity. It’s easy to become lost when grappling with this weighty issue, and to overfocus on labels that ignite unproductive emotions: black/white, old/young, male/female, and so on. This approach causes us to forget about the one type of diversity that really matters—the one that builds better teams, better decisions, and higher creativity: a diversity of ideas.

Watch this week’s tips\ now and begin to expand how you view your work and your team.

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