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By James Fritz | Monday, October 28, 2013

Six Photoshop techniques for Halloween

Over the last few years Deke McClelland has been busily creating hundreds of tutorials on a wide variety of topics. We scoured the archives and put together a monstrous batch of Halloween-focused tutorials from his weekly series, Deke’s Techniques.

1. Simulating a glowing Jack-o’-lantern Learn how to create a Jack-o’-lantern in Photoshop and add a convincing glow in this useful tutorial.

Simulate a glowing jack-'o-lantern

2. Attack of the killer pumpkin This tutorial starts with a somewhat creepy illustration and teaches you how to virtually carve it into a pumpkin.

Attack of the killer pumpkin

3. Turning yourself into a zombie Learn how to transform a standard movie monster makeup job into a realistic zombie portrait with Photoshop. This technique takes advantage of Liquify, Gaussian Blur, and Smart Filters in Photoshop CC.

Turn yourself into a zombie

4. The headless stranger in the mist Subtlety can be a powerful technique in your designs. This tutorial adds a barely visible headless stranger standing at attention in the misty distance.

The headless stranger

5. Head-shrinking While not strictly a Halloween tutorial, having a shrunken head would probably be a great costume idea. Don’t forget to add a tiny hat to complete the effect.


6. Drawing a Halloween scareflake

What do snowflakes have to do with Halloween? According to Deke, who grew up in the mountains of Colorado, he often saw snow on the ground while trick or treating. Learn how to draw a snowflake for the Halloween season in this tutorial.

A Halloween scare-flake

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