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By Todd Dewett | Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Shape Your Reputation at Work


You are in control of how others perceive you. There’s a lot you can do to influence how others view you—and you should. You have to take this topic seriously because your reputation is your most vital career asset.

Let’s be clear. I’m not talking about mere impression management; managing impressions is often just a rarified version of acting. In this week’s tips, I’ll address something more fundamental and enduring: how to develop executive presence and earn respect.

First up is an advance leadership skill that’s useful, though not required, in the middle ranks—but is essential when you near the top: executive presence. This is the ability to make others feel great confidence in you as a leader. It means you have exceptional poise and passion, strong and effective communication skills, an ability to understand situations quickly, and the ability to read people very well. You inspire.

Building executive presence does take time, but it’s a skill like any other. To get you started, watch this week’s second tip on earning respect. Popularity is fleeting and fickle; it comes and goes. If you want your reputation to have lasting impact, you need respect—not popularity. If others truly respect you, they don’t have to love every decision you make in order to still have your back.

Watch today’s tips and start thinking long-term about the executive you wish to become. And start thinking right now about what you can do to increase the respect that others give you.

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