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By Kristin Ellison | Friday, August 01, 2014

Make a rainy-day photo even rainier—with Photoshop

Pixel Playground 58

This week, Bert walks us through how to make a rainy-day photo look even rainier with Photoshop.

First, he creates a layer called “rain” and fills it with black. He then goes to Filter>Add Noise and selects Filter>Blur>Blur more to introduce the right selection of grays he’ll need.

He then goes into levels and pushes all his blacks down to darken the field and brings in the whites, which creates the look of a densely packed starry sky.

Next, he takes that layer and puts it in screen mode so only the white dots show through. To this he applies the Motion>Blur filter and adjusts the angle and distance, which streaks the dots creating the look of hard rain coming down.

Then he makes a new layer filled with white and adds some noise. He then goes to Filter>Pixelate>Pointillize and increases the size of the pattern, and under Adjustments he pulls down the saturation to convert it to one color.

In Color Range he increases the whites and then deletes them, leaving a pattern of shapes, which he increases the size of. He then locks their transparency and fills it with black.

Next, he unlocks that transparency and adds a Gaussian Blur. He then takes this layer, goes into Layer Styles, takes the fill opacity down to 0, and applies a Bevel and Emboss. He then punches up the depth and whites to get stronger tones and then changes the tone to Color Dodge.

Next, he smudges lines here and there to give the look of drips, uses the eraser to remove areas, and draws in some additional drops. Finally, he adds ripples using the Distort filter.

Watch this week’s free video to get started on your design, and be sure to check back next week when Bert will show us how to improve a picnic scene.


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