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By Kristin Ellison | Friday, August 22, 2014

Pixel Playground: Spruce Up an Interior Shot


This week, Bert walks us through how to improve an interior shot by adding a door under the sink, lighting the candle, and cleaning up here and there.

To add a door under the sink, Bert takes his pen tool and outlines the door on the opposite side of the room. He then turns it into a selection and sends it to a new layer Via Copy. To flip it into the right position, he goes to Transform and chooses Horizontal. Then, to better fit the door into the opening, he reduces the size vertically, stretches it horizontally, and pulls the corners until they match the opening. Next, he goes into Hue/Saturation to darken the door slightly because it’s in a darker part of the room. Lastly, he needs to crop out some areas so he applies a mask and erases the areas he does not want.

His next task is to do a little cleanup so he adds a new layer called “retouch,” which will enable him to easily undo any changes, should he need to. To remove various spots on the floor and walls, he uses his clone tool to make some quick corrections.

His final task is to light the candle so he creates a new layer called “flame.” He takes a small paintbrush and adds a dab of yellow where the flame would be. He then adds an orange bit above the yellow, and then some red above the orange. To create the flame he uses the finger tool and smudges the colors upward. To create a cast of light around the candle, he adds a new layer called “glow.” He takes the eye-dropper to sample the yellow from the light above and then with a very soft paintbrush adds a swash of it around the flame. He then switches that to screen mode, reduces the opacity to 30%, and brings up the saturation to brighten it up.

Watch this week’s video to get started on your design, and be sure to check back with Pixel Playground next week, when Bert will turn the lynda.com logo into a billboard sitting on the capitol steps!


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