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By Rudolph Rosenberg | Sunday, March 15, 2015

How to Stop Procrastinating: Recognize When You're Doing It

learn how to stop procrastinating

You’re procrastinating right now, aren’t you? Reading this article when there’s something else that’s been nagging at you for some time now?

We all procrastinate sometimes—busying ourselves with distractions when we know we should be doing something more productive.

Want to know how to stop procrastinating? Learn to identify those unproductive moments while they’re happening, so you can do something about it.

Here’s how:

By Robbie Carman | Saturday, March 14, 2015

Flying the DJI Phantom 2 Vision Quadcopter — with a Spotter

the DJI Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter

Flying a quadcopter requires a lot of the pilot’s focus.

You need to safely balance two things: getting the shot and watching where the copter is traveling. Even the most experienced pilots should have someone with them to spot potential obstacles.

In this week’s Video Gear Weekly, guest host Francis Torres and I team up to fly the DJI Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter.

By Chris Nodder | Saturday, March 14, 2015

Do Your Own Usability Testing — in 5 Smart (Cheap!) Steps

usability testing volunteer 

You’ve heard about usability testing: It’s a way to get immediate feedback about what works and doesn’t work with your product or site.

But you haven’t tried it yet, have you?

Maybe you think it costs a ton of money and involves hiring experts to help you out.

In fact, any team can do its own basic usability test cheaply—and can learn a bunch from it to make its product better—by following these five steps.

By Richard Stim | Friday, March 13, 2015

Songwriters: Here's Why and How to Copyright a Song

how to copyright a song

Last year, streaming music services like Pandora, Spotify, and Google Play increased market share by an astounding 42%. At the same time, digital download sales dropped 13 %.

That was good news and bad news for songwriters.

The good news is that streaming services reduce piracy of songs. A Swedish music-business study showed that over half the people who previously downloaded music illegally no longer did so after being given access to a streaming music service. The bad news is that streaming payments per play are miniscule—as Cracker’s David Lowery demonstrated when he posted a royalty statement showing a $16.89 payment from Pandora for over one million plays of his song “Low.”

With streaming on the ascendance and album sales at their lowest numbers since Soundscan began reporting sales in 1991, the copyright value of a song seems to have diminished substantially.

Was David Bowie right when he proclaimed in 2002, “copyright will no longer exist in 10 years”? With less money to be made, is copyright even relevant for songwriters?

The answer is yes. Even with diminished revenues, song copyrights still have a pulse—and it’s a strong one.

By Cynthia Sanchez | Friday, March 13, 2015

4 Great Reasons to Use Pinterest for Small Business Marketing

How to use Pinterest for small business marketing

Savvy small-businesses owners have found that creating digital content—written blog posts, videos and even podcasts—can be an effective way to attract and retain customers.

But once the content is created, the challenge becomes getting people to take notice and consume it. Pinterest can help.

Here are four smart reasons to use Pinterest for small business marketing:

By David Blatner | Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Fastest Way to Find Missing Links in InDesign


Ever open an InDesign document only to encounter the dreaded “missing links” dialog?

In this super-short episode of InDesign Secrets, I introduce a fast way to find and re-link missing files: files on your hard drive or even on a connected server.

By Whitney Johnson | Thursday, March 12, 2015

Become a Thought Leader: Your First 3 Steps

become a thought leader like this guy

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “thought leader.” It gets bandied about a lot lately.

Do a search on LinkedIn and you’ll find lots of people describing themselves as thought leaders. They probably aren’t.

When you’re a market leader, you sell more than anyone else in the market. So to be a thought leader, you must be the go-to expert. People can’t think about your product, service, or idea without thinking of you.

Tesla: Elon Musk

Apple: Steve Jobs

“Leaning in”: Sheryl Sandberg

So how do you become a thought leader? Like this:

By Chris Nodder | Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Make Sure Your Small Business Website Does These 5 Things

a basic small business website

Even if your small business does most of its selling in the physical world, a smart, trustable, and information-rich website is essential to help new customers find you and to tell existing customers more about your products or services.

You don’t need a fancy site; just a couple of pages will do. But you do need to provide certain types of information.

Here’s what a basic small business website must include:

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