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By Lauren Harmon | Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Creating the Perfect Facebook Cover Photo — with Deke

make your Facebook cover photo match your profile pic

You may have carefully chosen your profile picture, but is your Facebook cover photo an afterthought? Take your cover to the next level with these tips from Deke McClelland.

Deke has carefully mapped out the exact dimensions of the layout for Facebook personal pages, which he reviewed in detail in last week’s technique.

By Garrick Chow | Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Acrobat DC: What You Need to Know About the New Line-Up

the new Acrobat DC

Adobe recently released the latest versions of Acrobat, as well as the new Acrobat Reader and two brand new mobile apps—all of which aim to make it easier to complete, sign, save, and send forms.

Find out what else is new (revised interface!) and other important tips (download trial first!) about the new versions of this popular PDF-authoring and -management tool.

By Gini Courter | Monday, May 11, 2015

Your Site, Your Style: Branding with SharePoint 2013

branding sharepoint 2013

With SharePoint 2013, you can quickly create websites full of features—from lists and libraries to custom forms and workflow automations.

Adding some colors, fonts, and images that reflect your company’s style is just as easy. Using your browser and SharePoint’s built-in design tools, you can choose a new theme, add your organization’s logo, and apply a background image to give your site a fresh visual identity.

I’ll show you how:

By Starshine Roshell | Sunday, May 10, 2015

From Galloping to Gaga to lynda: A Life Learned Online


Paulette Perhach can do a lot of things that most people can’t.

She can carry four full dinner plates at a time. She can gallop on a horse. She can split names into two columns in Excel, craft subplots in a fictional story, and do the dance from Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” video. She can make quail traps, tie fancy bows on presents, and produce podcasts.

And she learned it all online.

Just how did she come to acquire this eclectic set of skills? And well … why?

Having graduated college only to realize that she possessed very few useful life skills, Paulette took to the Internet to fill in the sizeable gaps.

“Before I really took control of my own education, I felt like life was always coming at me: another late bill, another bounced check, another photo from a place I wished I could travel to,” says the Seattle resident. “So I started making it a practice to educate myself for 10 minutes a day.

“And life started getting better …”

By Robbie Carman | Saturday, May 09, 2015

Using a Safe Smartphone Mount for Video Shoots

smartphone mount

Smartphone cameras have evolved to shoot great-quality footage. But if you’re not careful, smartphones can be easily damaged in shooting situations.

Luckily, there are third-party accessories to keep the camera safe while stabilizing your shots. In this week’s episode of Video Gear Weekly, Rich and I showcase a few smartphone mounts and accessories that will help you safely capture shots with your smartphone.

By Laura Bergells | Saturday, May 09, 2015

You Might Be in Crisis Communication — and Not Know It

crisis communication

I worked in crisis communication for years before I knew that’s what it was called.

In the 1980s, I worked on AIDS-in-the-Workplace policy and training. In the ‘90s, I spent two years researching a report with the actual phrase “A Community Crisis” in it. A training program to prevent executives from being kidnapped and blackmailed? Yes, I was assigned to that “special project,” too.

I wish I would have known all along that I was working in crisis communication; it would have saved me years of quiet frustration. I’d find myself wondering, “Why do I keep getting yanked off my regular work to go work on these other issues? Why do I suddenly have two bosses? Am I going to get fired?!”

Ironically, if I’d known I was working on “crises”—I would have been more calm and confident.

By Jan Kabili | Friday, May 08, 2015

After the Shoot: New Photo Tools Series Offers Quick Tips

photo tools weekly

Learn new image-editing techniques in just a few minutes each week with our new series Photo Tools Weekly.

It’s all about photography after the shoot: tips and techniques to help you work smarter in programs like Photoshop and Lightroom, and with plug-ins and lesser-known apps, too.

Each week photographer Jan Kabili will focus on a post-processing technique or powerful app you can use to enhance your photos or improve your post-capture workflow. Each movie is 10 minutes or less—bite-sized and to the point.

Jan tells us who it’s for, why she created it, and what she’ll cover:

By Anne-Marie Concepción | Thursday, May 07, 2015

Place InDesign Document Inside Another InDesign Document

place indesign doc inside another

InDesign allows you to place and import lots of different file formats: text, images, QuickTime movies, sound files, and even PDF pages.

But did you know you can place an InDesign file into another InDesign file? It’s kind of an InDesign Inception, if you will—and it’s a great feature for bringing samples of your InDesign work into a promotional publication.

In this InDesign Secrets video, I’ll show you how to “place an InDesign document” and take advantage of all the unique options this technique offers.

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