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By Peggy Fisher | Friday, July 24, 2015

Coding for Kids: Create Your Own Weather App!

Coding for Kids: weather app

You can’t turn on the news lately without hearing a story about extreme weather: tornadoes, droughts, flooding. Weather affects all of us and we’re all interested in what’s going on outside our doors.

If you have a son or daughter who enjoys checking the weather, they might love to create their own weather app! Here’s how …

By Robbie Carman | Friday, July 24, 2015

Tips for Buying Wide-Angle Lenses for Video

wide-angle lenses for video

Wide-angle lenses not only give you the ability to capture your surroundings; they capture action as well.

This week on Video Gear Weekly, Rich and I continue to take a look at wide-angle lenses and help you decide what to consider when buying a wide-angle lens.

By J. Scott G. | Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Secret to Being an EDM DJ: Advice for Newbies


I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been asked over the years, “What advice would you give a newbie who’s just starting out in the EDM DJ business?”

It’s a perfectly valid question, but no one ever wants to hear my answer. Especially these days …

By Justin Seeley | Thursday, July 23, 2015

Leaders vs. Managers: Which One Are You?

leaders vs managers

There’s a big difference between being a manager and being a leader.

You can be a leader without being a manager—but if you’re a manager and you’re not acting like a leader, then you’re failing yourself and your team.

Management can be easily taught, but leadership is quality that often develops over time, and in a more natural way.

Here’s a comparison of leaders vs. managers. Which one are you … and which one are you working for?

By David Blatner | Thursday, July 23, 2015

Flipping Content for 'Work and Turn' Print Jobs

work and turn jobs

Have you ever wondered how two-sided documents get printed? This week’s InDesign Secrets is a fascinating look at “work and turn” printing, a timesaving and cost-efficient method of printing doubled-sided designs.

I’ll explain what happens during the work-and-turn process and how you can use InDesign to prepare double-sided layouts for the printer.

By Scott Fegette | Wednesday, July 22, 2015

5 Reasons to Love and Learn AngularJS

learn angularjs

AngularJS is an incredibly popular framework that provides a comprehensive, integrated set of tools to help you build web apps without fuss.

If you’d like to reduce the headaches of web development and have some fun in the process, AngularJS is a great application framework to consider. And we’ve unlocked our Up and Running with AngularJScourse on lynda.com through the end of July—so now’s the perfect time to learn!

Here are five simple reasons why you owe it to yourself to learn a little AngularJS.

By Derrick Story | Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Use Dropbox Carousel to Share Your Travel Photos

Figure 10

One of the joys of vacation travel is leaving behind the laptop bag and all the responsibilities that come with it. Exploring new places with just a smartphone in our pockets helps us totally immerse in our adventures.

It’s also fun to share these experiences with friends and family back home. Carousel, a companion app for Dropbox, lets us do exactly that—and allows everyone to leave comments so members of shared albums can have conversations right there within the cozy confines of the Carousel app for iOS or Android.

I’ve set up one of these albums for my family, and I’m going to show you how the Dropbox Carousel works on your smartphone or tablet.

By Lauren Harmon | Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Extracting a Photo from a Smart Object in Photoshop

extracting a photo from a smart object in photoshop

Even the most important image files can be misplaced or deleted.

Sometimes, in our haste to keep our desktops neat and organized, we delete photos after we’re finished touching them up. Or we might delete images from our phones to free up storage space, only to regret it moments later.

The good news is that once an image is brought into Photoshop and converted into a Smart Object—a must if you’re following a nondestructive workflow—the original unmodified photo is still accessible.

And in this short, sweet episode of Deke’s Techniques, Deke shows you exactly how to get to it.

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