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By Todd Dewett | Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How to motivate and persuade: Management Tips

Management Tips

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This week we’ll focus on various aspects of motivation. The first tip is a classic method of bonding with the team. I like to call it motivating by getting your hands dirty.

Many bosses overindulge in “being the boss,” happy they no longer have to do the work they used to do. They don’t have to build things; they manage people who build things. They don’t have to write code; they manage people who write code. You get the idea.

Well good for them—it’s nice to be the boss. However, if your goal is to motivate your team to push their productivity and quality as far as they can go, you might want to roll up your sleeves, take off your tie, and go help them get things done from time to time. As a manager you’re not required to get your hands dirty, but every once in a while you really should. When you do, you seem more human—a member of the team instead of “just the boss.” It’s a way to show your team members that you value their work, and to earn their respect.

This brings us to my second tip this week, which focuses on the skill of persuasion. You want to be open-minded and collaborative with your team, but sometimes you need to just persuade them to see things your way. Getting that done positively without endangering your relationship is the key. Watch this week’s tips to learn how to motivate and persuade—and check back next week for a fresh pair of Management Tips!

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