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By Jess Stratton | Monday, April 01, 2013

Monday Productivity Pointers: Keynote presentations on the iPad

Is it Monday already? Welcome to the latest edition of Monday Productivity Pointers. Last week I talked about Google Hangouts. This week I’m creating presentations on the iPad using Keynote, Apple’s presentation software. This week’s first video will cover the actual creation of a presentation on the iPad.

Not only can you create gorgeous presentations quickly on your Apple computer, you can also create them on the road with your iPad. I’ll show you how to create a presentation based on an existing template, and how to add content to it.

Here’s a neat feature of Keynote for the iPad: if you have two photos on a slide that aren’t the same size, you can easily make them match. Tap and drag in the bottom corner of the mismatched photo on a slide. While you are dragging, use another finger to tap and hold the photo you are trying to match the size of. Instantly, the photo you are dragging will become the same size as the other photo, and you can let go with both fingers. Ta-da!

This week’s second video (requires a lynda.com account, or active trial account to view) covers how to handle your actual presentation on the iPad. What are your options? How can you get it from the iPad to the big screen? And most importantly, what happens when you have your iPad but no connectors for external displays? I’ll show you how you can download your presentation through a browser if you have set up iCloud document syncing. To verify you have iCloud document sync turned on: Tap the Settings icon on your iPad. Select iCloud. Go to Documents & Data and make sure it’s set to On.

If you haven’t already signed up for iCloud, I highly recommend it. You’ll get 5GB of free space to use for backup and sync services. It will allow you to sync mail, contacts, and calendars across multiple iOS devices. It will also allow you to instantly transmit a picture you take on your iPhone to your iPad for easy viewing. Signing up for iCloud and having instant access to synced Keynote presentations on your iPad could very well save the day–especially if you ever need to make an impromptu presentation with no laptop or display connectors in sight!

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