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By Jim Heid | Friday, May 10, 2013

Master your flash with Strobist’s David Hobby

David Hobby shooting in the studio

If you love photography and you have an external flash unit, you need to know about Strobist. This blog, published by photographer David Hobby, has been a rich learning resource since 2006—packed with tutorials, reviews, and do-it-yourself projects.

David has also published a series of video tutorials, and we’re happy to announce that they’re coming to the library. In the six-part “Lighting with Flash” series, he shows how to use external flash in a wide range of scenarios, from portraiture to action sports to macro and close-up. These aren’t courses that tell you which buttons to press on your flash. Rather, each course is an opportunity to follow along with a working professional as he uses compact flash units to transform the lighting in a studio, in a gym, on a soccer field, in a blacksmith’s shop, and much more.

The first course, Lighting with Flash: Basics, is available now. Each week we’ll publish another course in the series. The series will conclude with an inspiring course that may just change how you approach photography, whether you’re an enthusiast or a pro.

As a teacher, David Hobby is a natural with an engaging, informal style. I’ve loved his blog for years, and it’s been a pleasure to work with him to bring his video training to members.

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