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By Jim Heid | Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Master your compact camera with our latest live-action course

In Chapter 1, Getting the Most Out of the Lens, Derrick shows us how to use sunglasses as a polarized filter.

Compact, point-and-shoot cameras are getting better and better. They’re also getting more complex, sporting features that give you the kind of creative options that were once the exclusive domain of bulky, expensive cameras.

With our latest course, Getting Professional Results from a Compact Camera, photographer Derrick Story shows you how to master your camera’s exposure settings, control its flash, and squeeze every bit of performance out of its optics. Go on-location as Derrick shoots everything from panoramas to macros to nighttime shots, then return to the computer and see how to make them look their best.

In Product Photography for E-Commerce, Dane Howard shows how to take beautiful photos of everything from toys to coins to jewelry. Shot in our new TV studio, it’s an ideal course for anyone who needs to take photos for eBay auctions, e-commerce web sites, catalogs, or brochures.

Photography is a natural topic area for live-action courses, but it isn’t the only area. In Screencasting with the Mac, Chris Breen shows how to get great lighting for live-video shoots. InReason and Record for Live Performance, G. W. Childs and his band demonstrate professional recording techniques. And, of course, in our Creative Inspirations documentary series, some of the world’s top artists describe their creative processes.

We’ve got more live-action goodness in the works, and we’re interested in your suggestions. What photography subjects would you like to see covered in live-action courses? What other live-action subjects are you interested in?

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