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By Kristin Ellison | Friday, July 04, 2014

Creating an Open Book in Photoshop, Part I

Pixl 7.4.14

This week, Bert walks us through making an open book in perspective, using Photoshop.

He begins with a two-page spread and adds a gradient to the background. He then puts the book in perspective by using the transform tools and dragging the corners of the spread into the correct position.

Next, to separate the spread into two pages, he uses the pen tool to draw a box around the right page and uses the direct select tool to move the points into the correct position.

He then makes this a selection and creates a new layer using “new layer via cut.” The new layer is called “right” and the opposite page layer is called “left.”

To bend the pages, he’ll use a displacement map. He creates a new channel and uses the pen tool to draw a rectangle that follows the perspective of the page exactly. He fills it and gives it a Gaussian blur to soften the edges. He then copies the alpha channel, creates a new PSD, pastes it in, and saves to his desktop.

Returning to the layer called “right,” he goes to filter>distort>displace and selects the displacement map, which when opened causes the page to curl. He adds a new layer, chooses a soft brush and draws a black line down what will become the gutter of the book spread.

Choosing a larger brush he reduces the opacity and draws another line down the center of the page making a nice shadow below the curl of the page. Lastly, he changes to white and draws a line at the crest of the curl making a highlight.

To clean up the overage he clips it and then repeats the same process to the “left” layer. The final step is to adjust the two pages so they line up correctly according to the perspective.

Watch this week’s video to get started on your design, and be sure to check back for next week’s Pixel Playground, when Burt finishes the open book in perspective.

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