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By Megan O. Read | Friday, January 15, 2010

lynda.com author Susan Cline discusses Facebook etiquette

lynda.com author Susan Cline

Susan Cline, author of our Google Docs training, Gmail training, and Google Calendar training, released something new this week.

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking site on the web right now. Friends and students use it to connect socially and start or rekindle relationships, and businesses use it as a low-cost way to grow their marketing base and research potential hires. Family members use it to share stories and photos. Susan’s Facebook Essential training makes it simple.

I asked Susan if there were any surprises or things that came up during the development of this course.

“I found that many people were very concerned with the etiquette and unspoken rules around Facebook,” said Susan. “When is it appropriate to un-friend someone? Is it OK to block my boss from seeing my photos? Because social networking is so new, the etiquette rules around its use are still being determined.”

“There has also been so much in the news about privacy issues with Facebook that people who are new to social networking are nervous about getting started,” she continued. “I wrote this course with social networking newcomers in mind. This course is also good for current Facebook users who have specific question or who want to know more about the new privacy settings that were instituted in December 2009.”

Susan will be attending the Interactive portion of SXSW March 12th - 16th. You can become a fan of hers on Facebook to get more Google Apps and Facebook training, and find out about her upcoming speaking events and webinars.

Screen shot from Chapter 7, Managing Photos in Facebook Essential Training.

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