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By David Niles White | Thursday, December 22, 2011

Introducing the Ed Emberley Creative Inspirations

The documentary team is pleased to share with you our newest Creative Inspirations installment on children’s book writer and illustrator, Ed Emberley. Earlier this year, we spent time with three generations of talented Emberleys in their 17th century home in beautiful Ipswich, Massachusetts. We filmed as he gave a drawing class to local second graders and traveled with him to Portland, Oregon to meet with his iPad/iPhone app developers, all not long after his 80th birthday (see a demo of Ed’s “Shake and Make” iPhone app). Many of the artists in Portland had never met Ed, but a number of them learned to draw with his books in grade school. Ed is truly a lifelong learner, continuing to absorb new technologies and apply them to his craft. Whether you have children or you still feel the spark of youth, you’ll enjoy this look into the mind, and heart, of this gifted artist.

Ed Emberley getting prepped for documentary

Director Scott Erickson and Cameraperson/Editor Tracy Clarke setting up a shot with Ed Emberley on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. employee with Ed Emberley drawing

Cinematographer Mia Shimabuku at the Notre Dame Academy in Ipswich, Massachusetts, where Ed Emberley taught a drawing course.

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