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By Lauren Harmon | Thursday, December 15, 2011

InDesign Secrets: Why is text missing from my frame?

In this week’s free InDesign Secrets video, Anne-Marie Concepcion explores the case of the missing text. Quite often, you’ll find a blank area in your InDesign document where you know there should be text, but for some unknown reason, it’s missing from its frame. In this week’s free video our intrepid detective and keeper of InDesign secrets Anne-Marie takes you through a troubleshooting checklist to retrieve your lost words.

To start, Anne-Marie will show you how to spot troublesome hidden break-characters and describe the insidious ways these creatures can work themselves into your document. If that’s not it, you’ll see how to use the Story Editor to reveal text trouble spots and help gather clues. From there it’s all about troubleshooting. Is it a break instruction included in a paragraph style? Is your text color set to Paper, thus rendering it invisible? Are the indent and spacing settings correct in your Paragraph Styles? Or is something else afoot? Anne-Marie will help you unlock the mystery and free your missing text.

For members of the lynda.com Online Training Library® Anne-Marie’s partner in InDesign secrecy, David Blatner, has an exclusive video this week, Preview and Presentation Mode, that helps you navigate and select the preview and presentation preferences that work best for you. (Because once you find your missing text, you’ll want to check it out accurately and be able to present it to your audience.)

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