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By Anne-Marie Concepción | Thursday, March 15, 2012

InDesign Secrets: How to make InDesign drop caps

In this week’s free InDesign Secrets movie, Anne-Marie Concepcion takes you from making the simplest InDesign drop cap, to creating more sophisticated options using character styles, anchored objects, and text wraps. She starts by showing you how to create the simplest three-line drop cap, similar to this example:

Simple three-line InDesign drop cap

Next, she shows you how to apply a character style to make your first letter stand out in a different font or color.

Yellow character style applied to InDesign drop cap

During the movie, she also shows you some options for changing the size and position of your first letter so that it aligns just the way you want, yet remains fully editable and in flow with your document. Finally, Anne-Marie concludes by showing you a trick to wrap your text around the drop cap using an anchored object. It’s still a bit of a workaround, but it’s something Anne-Marie’s fans are frequently asking her about. Here, I’ve used it to make my text sidle up to my fancy W drop cap:

How to wrap text around an InDesign drop cap

InDesign makes adding this bit of typographic interest fairly routine, and you can see it all in action from Anne-Marie in this week’s free tutorial:

Meanwhile, David Blatner (Anne-Marie’s partner in InDesign secrecy) has a new exclusive video for lynda.com members all about making two-state buttons in interactive documents.

Both Anne-Marie’s and David’s fresh secrets take you from old-school text layout to new frontier interactivity this week. See you back here in two weeks with more InDesign Secrets!

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