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By Mike Rankin | Thursday, May 09, 2013

InDesign FX: Making a bottle cap

This week’s free InDesign FX video shows yet another fun and easy look you can create by combining several transparency effects. This time we’re making bottle caps that you can adorn with your own designs or logos in Adobe InDesign.IDFX_episode46_01 The effect starts with a polygon with 24 sides and a small Star Inset value.

IDFX_episode46_02 A Bevel Corner Option applied via the Control panel makes the points less pointy and more like the crimped metal of a bottle cap.


IDFX_episode46_04 Then with the basic shape in place, it’s time to start adding some transparency effects.

Bevel and Emboss adds a highlight and shadows.IDFX_episode46_05 Satin adds contrast, making the highlight stand out more.IDFX_episode46_06 A drop shadow adds a little bit of realism and depth, to make the bottle cap seem like it’s sitting on top of the page.IDFX_episode46_07 From there, you can add your own logo, photo, or other objects to customize the bottle cap as desired.IDFX_episode46_08 I also have a new member-exclusive movie in the lynda.com library this week called Creating a 3D bevel effect behind a cover. That’s an awfully long title, which could simply be summarized as “undercover objects.”IDFX_episode46_09 Basically, you can make any object look like it’s either partially or fully hidden underneath a cover with a combination of the Bevel and Emboss effect and a drop shadow.

See you here again in two weeks with another InDesign effect!

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