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By Kristin Ellison | Friday, August 08, 2014

Improve a Picnic Scene in Photoshop


This week in Pixel Playground, Bert walks us through how to improve an image of an elegant picnic. He opens the wine, adds more oranges to the tree, and brings the bushes back to life!

In the original image, below, the wine is not open but—strangely—there is wine in the glasses and a cork on the table.


To make it look as if the foil has been removed and the bottle is open, he uses the pen tool in Photoshop to create a path outlining the top of the bottle and saves the path as “Bottle Top.” He then turns this into a selection and creates a new layer called “Bottle Top.” To digitally remove some foil and reveal some glass beneath it, he uses the clone tool, but only paints in the very top of the bottle down to the ridge. For the ridge below, he repeats the same process but makes it a touch off center to add more realism.

Next, he tackles the oranges. He selects the “Background” layer, uses the lasso to select two oranges, sends them to a new layer called “Oranges” Via Copy, and places them into the upper part of the tree. He then zooms in to the newly placed oranges and uses the eraser to blend in the area around the oranges that was clipped.

For the bushes, he selects a green from the orange tree. Under Mode, he selects Color and paints the green in; this does not mask the original details of the bushes, it just changes the color. To ensure that the edge of the bush integrates with the background, he brings the Hardness of the brush all the way down to zero, resulting in a nice soft edge.

Watch this week’s video to get started on your design, and be sure to check back on Pixel Playground next week, when Bert will show us how to improve a product shot in Photoshop.


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