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By Bonnie Bills | Thursday, April 15, 2010

How can lynda.com help your business succeed?

My name is Bonnie Bills, and I’m Associate Program Director for lynda.com’s business channel. We’re on a mission to offer more courses that will help our members succeed in business, whether your business is a one-person operation or a large enterprise, whatever your field, your title, your skill level, or your operating system.

I’d like to share a bit about our plans here, and I invite you to share your ideas in the comments:

  • Financial tools. Given the importance of the bottom line to business success, we’re putting a lot of energy into instruction in financial analysis and management tools. In the past seven months we’ve released eleven Excel courses, as well as training on the latest version of QuickBooks Pro, with more finance-related courses in the works.
  • Online Collaboration. We also think technologies that help people collaborate and centralize information are indispensable today. We have courses on Google Apps, and our Office 2010 courses will show you how to collaborate on Office documents online. We think Microsoft SharePoint will continue its rapid growth, and staff author Simon Allardice is developing new courses that will help businesses understand what SharePoint is and how to use SharePoint to centralize and share data and bring teams together.

In developing our business courses, we have been talking to our members, authors, and industry leaders about how we can best meet the learning needs of today’s busy business users. The result of this discussion is that we’re creating courses that provide deep but focused instruction that targets specific needs, from mastering a critical feature in an application (think Pivot Tables in Excel), to not missing a beat through software transitions (see our Migrating courses from David Rivers and Curt Frye), to getting tasks done quickly and easily (for example, creating invoices in Excel and creating envelopes in which to mail them in Word).

Expect more of these kinds of courses over the coming year. We want to know what you need to succeed, so if there’s a business tool—or a specific feature, task, or skill—you want to master, please tell us about it!

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