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By Todd Dewett | Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hiring talent: Management Tips

Management Tips

It’s sometimes shocking how useful honesty can be, yet we often avoid it. Take hiring talent as an example. We should be honest to ensure that candidates know exactly what they are getting into. But instead of telling them about team quirks, odd office dynamics, and long hours driven by client needs, we often lie. We push out polished and agreed–upon images about a team and company that don’t exist in the real world. We tell them everything we can think of that is good about us, but nothing that sounds remotely imperfect or strange.

That’s unfortunate, since it leads to mismatched expectations and increased likelihood of turnover. In this week’s first management tip, I explain why you should present candidates with a realistic job preview (RJP): It’s endearing, it shows good faith, and it helps the new guy or gal avoid unpleasant surprises about life inside the company.

In the second tip this week, I tackle one of my oldest foes: the job description. The good news is that these descriptions are a proactive attempt to define a specific job, just like an RJP defines life at work. On the other hand, job descriptions are often misused and many times lead people to utter that deadliest of phrases, “That’s not my job.” Watch this week’s Management Tips and learn how to make job descriptions work for you—rather than against you.

By learning how to use both an RJP and a job description correctly, you’ll be able to attract and retain better talent. Good luck!

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