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By Colleen Wheeler | Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Deke's Techniques: Drawing a Halloween scareflake

This week, you get not only Deke’s free advice for making the world’s scariest snowflake in Illustrator, but also insight into Deke’s childhood and how he came to make the scary connection between Halloween and snowflakes. The beauty of this technique is that Illustrator’s dynamic Transform effect means you can work on one-twelfth of your snowflake—creating the scariest, craziest, most intricate skeleton-ghost you can imagine—and have your work automatically repeated eleven times. The effect is this delightful, multi-seasonal creation:

It takes some work to join and properly fill the path outlines along the way, and Deke takes you through his particular ghastly machinations. You’ll see how to use the Pathfinder panel to create the proper combinations. You’ll even see how Deke has to navigate the treacherous interworkings of groups and pathfinding.

For members, there are two more exclusive movies in the Online Training Library® this week, in which Deke shows you how to replicate your snowflake as ‘true clones’ so that you can make an entire pattern in Illustrator and then import your creation into Photoshop as a smart object in order to give it a fiery background. Fire and ice in this week’s holiday technique. Happy haunting!

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