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By Kristin Ellison | Friday, July 18, 2014

Creating an Open Book in Photoshop, Part 2

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In our last episode, Bert showed us how to make an open book illustration in Photoshop. This week he finishes the illustration by adding the pages and a cover.

He begins by creating a new layer and draws a large rectangle over the center of the image. He fills the rectangle with white, adds noise, applies a motion blur, and then increases the contrast. The resulting pattern looks like a side view of the pages of a book. His next step is to go back to the illustration and draw in the left side of the book with his pen tool. He fills this path with black and adds it to a new layer called “side body”. He duplicates the pattern and clips it inside the layer. To get the pattern to line up correctly with the book, he rotates it into position and then tightens it until it has the right look.

Next, he goes into the pattern layer, rotates it horizontally, and then closes it for later. He then uses the pen tool again to draw the shape of the pages on the bottom of the book. This becomes the “left front” layer and it too gets filled with black and the now horizontal pattern clipped in. To make the page pattern feel part of the curve of the open spread, he uses the warp tool to bend it. He follows by repeating the same process of creating the pages for the right side of the book. The last step is to create the cover. As with the pages he draws out the path, fills it with brown and creates a new layer called “Cover”. A final bevel and emboss on the cover adds dimension and a drop shadow to the whole book grounds it on the background.

Watch this week’s video to get started on your design, and be sure to check back next week where he’ll create a logo with a radiant background.

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