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By Mike Rankin | Thursday, July 18, 2013

Creating metallic text: InDesign FX

This week’s free InDesign FX video demonstrates the kind of complex and subtle effects you can achieve by blending several instances of an object with different fills, opacity levels, and blending modes.

Figure 2 To create the precise metallic look I wanted, I started with some text filled with a very light gradient and a drop shadow. By starting with such a light fill, I knew I could add several layered copies using the Multiply blend mode to build up the color I wanted without things getting too dark.

Figure 3 Then on top, I added extra copies of the text frame to lighten areas of the fill, create a 3D look, enhance the contrast, and add a bluish tint. In all there are five copies of the text, each adding something to the final look.

Figure 4 Now it might seem cumbersome to have to work with all those copies of the text frame, but remember, they’re all still full of live text. So if you need to make an edit to the words, font, point size, and so on, a quick Find/Change will do the trick.

Figure 5 I also have a member-exclusive movie in the library this week called Creating stained glass. Starting with a single glyph from an ornamental font, you can colorize each element and add a beveled frame to resemble a work of art wrought in metal and glass.

Figure 6Figure 7Figure 8 See you here again in two weeks with more InDesign FX!

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