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By Kristin Ellison | Friday, July 25, 2014

Create Logo Text with Paths and Layer Styles


This week, Bert walks us through how to use paths and layer styles to create logo text.

First he chooses the font and types in the “Knights of Old.” He then chooses Type>Create Work Path to create a path around each of the letters. This enables him to resize and move them individually.

To manipulate the descender of the K, Bert uses the direct selection tool. With this he can choose a portion of the design and adjust the individual points.

Next he selects the word “Knights” and makes a new layer called “K,” which he fills with black. He then repeats this process for “of” and “Old” so each word has its own layer.

For the backdrop, he chooses a goldenrod color for the foreground and a brown/orange for the background. He then applies a radial gradient in the center to give a spotlight-type feel.

The next step is to stylize the letters so he goes in to the K layer and applies a gradient overlay. He then chooses an orange for the foreground and a yellow for the background. With the gradient editor he’s able to adjust where the yellow and orange meet within the letters.

Last, he applies a black stroke to the edge of the letter and an inner glow of yellow. In the layers panel he can then drag these FXs to the other layers, easily applying them to each.

For the final touch, Bert adds white flare radiating from the middle. To do this he goes to the background and draws white spots randomly in the middle and then applies a radial blur set to zoom.

To increase the number of flares, he duplicates the layer four times and then merges them into one. With a large paintbrush with the opacity at 50, he paints a nice white glow in the center to complete the look.

Watch this week’s free Pixel Playground video to get started on your own design—and be sure to check back next week, when he’ll create an image of a rainy day and make it feel even more rainy and gloomy.

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