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By Steve Simon | Sunday, January 25, 2015

Street Photography: It All Comes Down to Editing

Good street photography requires good editing

I’m a street photographer. What I most love about my profession is that it allows me to shoot anytime, anywhere. From big-city streets to rural dirt roads, there are great images waiting to be found at every turn. I liken it to a treasure hunt; the treasures are everywhere if we choose to see them.

Since triggering the shutter at the right moment is so important to the success of my work, I tend to put the odds in my favor by shooting more. The more I shoot, the “luckier” I get; it can mean the difference between capturing an average picture or a five-star masterpiece.

But shooting is only half the battle. The secret to success is in the editing.

How do you choose “the best” of the many images you’ve captured?

By Carolyn E. Wright | Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Fuss About Fair Use Photos: Are Your Images Protected?

What are fair use photos? Find out here.

These days, photographers often find their images used by others without permission. When confronted, the user likely will claim that it’s a “fair use,” rather than an infringement.

While only a judge or jury can ultimately decide whether the use is a fair use, understanding the differences will help you protect your work.

By Jeff Carlson | Sunday, January 18, 2015

How to Be a Better Photographer (Hint: It's Not Your Camera)

Learn how to be a better photographer, by evaluating your eye
You’ve set a goal to become a better photographer this year. Now, where to start?

The easy route is to buy new camera gear, but that can quickly turn into a trap. Throwing a few thousand dollars into a high-end DSLR will no doubt get you technical improvements such as higher resolution images and faster autofocus—but it’s not a magic shortcut that levels up your skills just by unboxing the camera.

By Justin Reznick | Friday, January 16, 2015

Freeze Frame: Cold-Weather Photography Tips

cold-weather photography is rewarding

Winter landscapes are stunning to behold—and to shoot. But cold-weather photography comes with a unique set of challenges.

It’s important for photographers to have the proper equipment and using smart techniques when shooting in the bitter cold.

Follow these strategies and gear tips to ensure that winter conditions don’t slow you down on your next photographic outing.

By Brian Matiash | Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Want to Be a Better Photographer in 2015? Master Focal Length


BrianMatiash_20141008-ILCE-7S-20141008-DSC00342-Edit-Edit-EditOne of the hallmarks of true growth as a photographer is learning to appreciate not only the what and how of creating photos, but also exploring the why. Once you understand what your camera and lenses can offer and how you can put them to use, the next step is to evaluate why you might use a particular lens or focal length over another.

I’m going to show you the importance of the lens you choose to use, specifically focusing on your actual focal length.

By Jeff Carlson | Monday, January 05, 2015

Want to Be a Better Photographer? Get Out There and Shoot

To be a better photographer, go out and shoot in your neighborhood

“What’s the most important thing to know about photography?”

The woman asking was in the back of a touring van with me, two of a dozen photographers bouncing along the highway between destinations on a photo workshop. She was relatively new to photography, enthusiastic about making images with a new DSLR that she was only just beginning to understand how to use.

I think she expected me to answer with something about lens choices or camera features. I had become an unofficial geek consultant during the workshop, happily fielding questions about camera gear, iPads, Macs, and software. Those things naturally shuffled through my brain, but after a moment I changed tack and said, “To go out and do it.”

Even as I spoke, I knew that sounded like the most obvious, clichéd, bumper-sticker answer one could come up with. Just do it! Carpé diem! Seize the sunrise! All that.

But to be a better photographer, you’ve got to develop and nurture a photographer’s eye. And to do that, you need practice, which means going out and making photos.

By Carolyn E. Wright | Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Were Your Photos Stolen and Reused? More Options …

photos stolen? try this

Last week I gave you some advice on what to do when your photos are stolen and reused elsewhere—without your permission.

Here are some more options you have if you discover that someone has poached your photos.

By Joseph Linaschke | Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Stunning View of Autumn — Using the Glow Plugin

PhotoJoseph-fall_006 double size (hero image)

I live in Southern Oregon, where we get these things called seasons. Not every place in the world gets them, but we’re lucky enough that we do. Fall just ended and boy, was it pretty.

The colors here are so vibrant that it’s not hard to make a beautiful image—which means if you want your photo to stand out from the others, you really have to work at it!

Outside of obvious things like shooting in the best light, getting a great composition, and nailing the exposure, there’s a lot you can do to a photo in the computer.

But it’s also easy to go way over the top, resulting in an image that just looks fake. There’s a very fine balance—and this article shows how that balance was achieved for the image above.

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