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By Todd Dewett | Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Build better teams & individuals: Management Tips

Build better teams

This week’s first tip takes aim at our unquestioning love of teams. For the last half century, building a team to handle issues has been the de facto response to big challenges at work.

The idea is simple. Two heads (or three or four) are better than one. More experience and more ideas make for more effective decision making, right?

Not necessarily. First, there are many ineffective ways to build teams. From staffing and training to recognition and rewards, we don’t always think about all the issues that should be involved when building a team.

Furthermore, even if you build teams that are balanced and talented, that doesn’t guarantee they’ll be effective. Every team must deal with the cost of coordinating work through various types of communications—especially meetings! Not surprisingly, one great tip for more effective teams is to break them up to allow smaller, more efficient subgroups that can handle different tasks.

This leads us to the second tip of the week: getting serious about the autonomy of individuals within our teams. Many managers have a predictable tendency to micromanage when supervising team members who rarely interact. They do it to ensure productivity, when the best solution is often the opposite: granting a bit more autonomy.

Watch this week’s tips and prepare to rethink how you manage both your teams and the individuals within them. Then check back next week for more Management Tips!

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