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By Jess Stratton | Monday, July 08, 2013

Add custom colors to your Office templates: Monday Productivity Pointers

Sample colors from your screen

This week’s Monday Productivity Pointers is all about color. You’ll learn how to sample specific colors on your computer screen, and then use those colors to create better looking documents.

Since I’m not a graphic designer, I often download templates for Word documents, newsletters–even complete web sites—to give me a head start. But when your branding doesn’t match the template, getting your specific color scheme and logo onto an otherwise perfect layout isn’t easy.

So today’s pointer will show you how to find the RGB or hexadecimal (commonly referred to as “hex”) values of any color that’s displayed on your screen and apply it to your Office templates. You’ve probably used a color picker to add color to an element of a Word document before; just click on the one you like, and off you go. An RGB or hex value, however, is a very specific way to describe a color, directly in your computer’s native language. Using an RGB or hex color, you can precisely identify the hue of an individual pixel in your company’s logo, and then use it to match your downloaded Office templates to your branding system.

The second, members-only video will cover what you can do when you run out of creative inspiration in your projects. Colourlovers.com is a community of talented graphic designers who have created beautiful palettes of colors—so that you don’t have to. I’ll show you how to browse colors on the Colourlovers site. By combining this with the tips in the first video, you’ll be able to take these professionally-designed color themes and extend them to your templates and documents.

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