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Damian Allen  
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  • view course page for Logic Pro 9 New Features

    Logic Pro 9 New Features with Damian Allen

    Showcases the top improvements for guitarists, keyboard players, and audio engineers, from Flex Time editing to the Snap feature with Playback.

    1h 33m

  • view course page for iMovie '09 Essential Training

    Covers the entire iMovie editing process for beginners and experienced users alike, from adding audio files to integrating text.

    2h 22m

  • view course page for Final Cut Studio Overview

    Final Cut Studio Overview with Damian Allen

    Teaches everything to get up and running in this upcoming release and plenty of new features to tease returning users for the more full courses to come.

    2h 51m

  • view course page for iPhoto '09 Essential Training

    Reveals how to make an iPhoto library easily searchable using the new automated facial recognition technology.

    2h 56m

  • view course page for GarageBand '09 Essential Training

    Composer Damian Allen shows how GarageBand broadens the spectrum of musical possibilities and makes composing more accessible.

    4h 31m

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