lynda.com often receives unsolicited e-mails from satisfied customers. Here are a few recent comments.

Post-nap learning

Two emails down. A ton to go. Then a cat nap. Then watch some video tutorials. Its moments like this I appreciate @lynda's existence

-Lady O.  -03/2014

Android app works great

Thank you for a lynda.com app for android. It works great. Vids play smoothly. I’ve been learning a lot. *high5*

-Jay L.  -03/2014

New premium membership: Can’t wait

Just signed up for a premium membership at @lynda.com. Can't wait to learn some new stuff.

-Mike P.  -03/2014

Invaluable for client project

Decided to, for the first time, dive into @WordPress for a client project. It's a doozy, but @lynda is proving to be invaluable in teaching!

-Ryan H.  -03/2014

I will master them

So happy to have discovered @lynda! Excel and Keynote—I will master you.

-Marshneill A.  -03/2014

Learning so much from Ben Long

Thank you, Lynda, for introducing me to Ben Long! He is an incredible teacher. I'm learning so much. Love him!

-T. René B.  -03/2014

lynda.com does it best

Gone through tons of #RubyOnRails programming tutorials around the web, and have to say that @lynda.com does it best!

-Nicu L.  -03/2014

Whole family learning

My wife, my daughter, and myself have learned so much from your courses.  Thank YOU!

-Stephen R.  -03/2014

Send a search party for me

Just signed up for @lynda. If anyone needs me, send a search party, I'll be busy for months learning new stuff!

-Rachel L.  -03/2014

Felt like I owned the world

Prototyped a concept app tonight in Bootstrap (col-xs) and for 9 seconds felt like I owned the world. Thanks, @lynda tutorials.

-Audubon M.  -03/2014

Learned more than college

Learned more from Lynda in 8 months than 4 years of college.
-Jared R.  -03/2014

Add skills without school

How to add new job skills without going back to school: lynda.com.  

-Brent H.  -03/2014

Learning addict? Best investment

For anyone with learning addictions, lynda.com is probably one of the best investments I've ever made.

-Nic Y.  -03/2014

Changing the rules

@lynda you guys are amazing! Y'all are changing the rules on learning.

-George B.  -03/2014

Wrote first Core Data app

Just wrote my first Core Data app. @lynda tutorials are pretty great!

-Kai W.  -03/2014

No more late-night PowerPoints

That's the last time I stay up till midnight working on a PowerPoint. I'm going to watch every @lynda video to learn every trick & shortcut!

-Colleen S.  -03/2014

Videos on a sunny Saturday

So it’s a nice sunny Saturday afternoon and I have chosen to stay in and study via some @lynda videos… #geek

-Kevin B.  -03/2014

University’s investment is amazing

@RyersonU's investment into @lynda is amazing. So many tutorials to build my technical knowledge.

-Zoë B.  -03/2014

Design course is a lullaby

Falling asleep to Nigel French as he reads me a story about designing a poster. Sweet dreams, @lynda #graphicdesignlullaby

-Kristine K.  -03/2014

Cheaper than my consulting rate

Pro tip: A month of @lynda is $25. That's a lot cheaper than my consulting/training rate. 

-Tina H.  -03/2014

5 minutes in: addicted

Just signed up for @lynda. 5 minutes in and already addicted.

-Tamara H.  -03/2014

Amazing UX

Just saw that @lynda has a transcript accompanying the video where each sentence highlights as it's being played in the video. Amazing UX.

-Scott D.  -03/2014

Dream job now a reality

My dream job became a reality after I joined lynda. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

-Carlos M.  -03/2014

Incredible repository of knowledge

Very happy I joined @lynda today. I am highly impressed with this incredible repository of knowledge. I so strongly recommend it.

-Danny T.  -03/2014

Easier to train staff!

Discovered great @twitter and @LinkedIn training material on @lynda which has made it way easier to train staff members!

-David G.  -03/2014

Teaching snob—won over

I'm a training/teaching snob. I'm watching @allardice on @lynda. He's good. Really good. Maybe even better than I am. #humbled #learning

-Bon C.  -03/2014

Making sense for me now!

I am learning heaps from your Git Essential Training on @lynda. It’s almost scary as Git is actually making sense for me now!

-Paul W.  -03/2014

Becoming a developer

I find your courses incredibly valuable on my road to becoming a #developer. Totally worth the subscription! Thanks.

-Emma W.  -03/2014

Learned Ruby

Just finished #Ruby Essentials by @lynda @kskoglund. If you are interested in learning Ruby I highly recommend it! Fantastic teacher.

-Mitch S.  -03/2014

Best site for students

@lynda is probably the best website for students pursuing a graphic design major, media studies major, or anywhere in the INT world.

-IaQuan J.  -03/2014

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