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Creating marketing videos


YouTube Projects for Business and Marketing

with Jason Osder

Video: Creating marketing videos

Creating marketing videos provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Jason Osder as part of the YouTube Projects for Business and Marketing
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  1. 2m 30s
    1. Welcome
    2. Using the exercise files
    3. Who is this course for?
  2. 15m 1s
    1. Who is watching? YouTube by the numbers
      2m 45s
    2. Creating marketing videos
      4m 50s
    3. Developing a social marketing presence
      3m 1s
    4. Advertising with YouTube
      3m 13s
    5. Using YouTube as part of an integrated marketing strategy
      1m 12s
  3. 8m 43s
    1. Defining goals
      1m 37s
    2. Creating a content map
      2m 46s
    3. Developing wireframes for site content
      1m 51s
    4. Working with use case scenarios
      2m 29s
  4. 18m 38s
    1. Delivering traditional video marketing with YouTube
      4m 6s
    2. Creating serialized content
      7m 34s
    3. Creating content with personality
      3m 17s
    4. Incorporating graphic elements
      3m 41s
  5. 15m 20s
    1. Understanding YouTube channels for business and marketing
      2m 56s
    2. Adding a logo image
      3m 10s
    3. Adding channel art for multiple devices
      5m 45s
    4. Adding a description and links
      3m 29s
  6. 12m 38s
    1. Creating customer dialogue on YouTube
      4m 1s
    2. Integrating YouTube with Facebook and Twitter
      5m 50s
    3. Working with user-made video
      2m 47s
  7. 15m 17s
    1. Using YouTube with WordPress
      5m 40s
    2. Working with YouTube plugins
      6m 39s
    3. Changing video thumbnails
      2m 58s
  8. 22m 2s
    1. Understanding advertising on YouTube
      3m 56s
    2. Placing a YouTube ad
      11m 11s
    3. Managing and monitoring ads
      4m 42s
    4. Linking AdWords and YouTube accounts
      2m 13s
  9. 1m 24s
    1. Next steps
      1m 24s

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Creating marketing videos
Video Duration: 4m 50s1h 51m Appropriate for all Aug 22, 2013

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Creating marketing videos provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Jason Osder as part of the YouTube Projects for Business and Marketing

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The sheer size and power of YouTube has also made it an indispensible tool for business and marketing. In this course, author Jason Osder shows how to leverage its online force to communicate your brand, engage your audience, and achieve your marketing goals. Learn to architect your YouTube integration and develop a content map to decide where your videos will live, as well as create a custom channel page that reflects your brand, integrate with Facebook and WordPress, and even build a custom video sidebar for your WordPress blog. Finally, discover how to create and monitor ads to promote your business in other ways on YouTube.

Topics include:
  • Creating marketing videos
  • Advertising with YouTube
  • Defining your marketing goals
  • Creating a YouTube content map: deciding where to embed your videos
  • Working with use case scenarios
  • Creating serialized content
  • Incorporating graphics
  • Setting up your channel page with a logo, description, and links
  • Creating a customer dialog with comments
  • Integrating with Facebook and WordPress
  • Creating, managing, and monitoring YouTube ads
Business Video
Jason Osder

Creating marketing videos

Video content has been a staple of marketing for at least the last 40 years. These marketing videos have run the gamut from instructional, to promotional, and many places in between. The idea is always to inform and educate your current and potential customers about your products or services. That's what marketing is all about. YouTube has largely replaced older mediums like VHS and DVD for delivering these marketing videos, and it works really well. There are a few special things to consider when delivering your traditional marketing videos on YouTube.

And we want to take a look at those now. I'm on a video page on YouTube, and I'm logged in. That's why you see all of these controls below the video. Let's play a few seconds, just so you can get a taste of this marketing video. >>It's happening all over the world. Everyday people are harnessing the power of the Sun, and it's literally lighting up their lives. >> A fairly standard promotional marketing video. I want to point out a few tips when you're working to distribute your videos on YouTube.

The first is a simple one, which is to keep the production high quality. Throughout this video you see a nice stock footage, well-shot interviews, and nice compositing and graphics, and just because your marketing video is on You Tube, is in no way an excuse to ramp down the quality of the video. Now, remember, there's lots of qualities and types of videos on Youtube, but your goals are still marketing, therefore your video still wants to look really good.

Second, consider adapting your video for the small screen. There's a movie about this in the YouTube essential training course. And the idea is that many people will watch YouTube videos on their mobile device or in a small web Window. Therefore you may want to adapt certain things in your video to the smaller screen. Such as shooting a tighter shot on this video or also, enlarging the graphics here. A little bit later, we'll look at taking an existing video and just bumping up the size of this identifier so it's readable even on the small screen.

The next tip for traditional marketing videos on YouTube is to initially upload them at a high quality. If you click on the quaility settings here, you'll see that the highest the user can adjust this quality to is 480P. I would prefer to see this go up to 720P and even 1080P. For the technical details here, again, I would advise you to look at the youtube essential training. The point I want to make here, is that if your making high quality marketing video, It's best to upload it at it's highest quality, because You Tube is scalable, you'll able to deliver these other qualities to your user.

But if you have the higher qualities up there, then in the future as more people have higher bandwidths, you'll be able to see your video at the high quality. Last thing about using YouTube for traditional marketing videos. And it comes roughly in the area of what's called meta-data. As I scroll down, you can see that there's no description here at all, for the video. That's a detriment on YouTube. One because there's an opportunity here to share some information about the comapny.

But more so, this distracts from searchability. Meaning that having no text here is a missed opportunity for our video to come up in more searches. If I click the little pencil here, I can add a description. And remember, I'm already logged in, and the creator of this video. Which is why the edit button is here. Now you see that I have a block titled description and I've already copied it in from a text document where it's written and now I've added a description. Of course I want to save it.

Similar to description is adding tags and there are some tags on this video, but I always like to add more. So briefly I have to go to the Video Manager to see the tags. Video Manager button's right there, and now I have some more choices under the Tags menu. So I check the video that I want to add tags to, and if I have a series of videos that I wanted to tag, I could add tags to multiples, and then I want to add the tag, for instance, Solar. And if I create a new tag, now my video will come up on searches that include "solar" as well.

So you can see that YouTube can cover all of the needs of our traditional marketing videos that we used to send out on DVDs, but in addition, things like tagging and descriptions will make our videos more searchable.

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