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The Project window

The Project window provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Chris North as part of th… Show More

Avid Xpress Pro 5.5 Essential Editing

with Chris North

Video: The Project window

The Project window provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Chris North as part of the Avid Xpress Pro 5.5 Essential Editing
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  1. 4m 8s
    1. Welcome
      1m 28s
    2. Different versions of Avid
    3. Using the exercise files
      1m 46s
  2. 36m 41s
    1. Creating a new project
      2m 15s
    2. The Project window
      4m 26s
    3. The bin windows
      5m 16s
    4. The Source and Record windows
      3m 26s
    5. The timeline
      6m 45s
    6. Zooming on the timeline
      2m 10s
    7. Understanding tracks and patches
      6m 12s
    8. Assigning hotkeys
      3m 17s
    9. Customizing your toolset
      2m 54s
  3. 15m 19s
    1. Media creation settings
      4m 37s
    2. Organizing your media
      7m 17s
    3. Planning your story
      3m 25s
  4. 36m 58s
    1. Start
      3m 48s
    2. Selecting source clips and marks
      3m 58s
    3. Cutting clips onto the timeline
      4m 12s
    4. Moving clips around on the timeline
      3m 47s
    5. Deleting clips
      3m 40s
    6. Setting the snapping behavior
      1m 12s
    7. The three-point edit
      4m 12s
    8. Building your story
      12m 9s
  5. 30m 30s
    1. Trim mode overview
      8m 29s
    2. Single roller edits
      3m 52s
    3. Dual roller edits
      3m 3s
    4. Overlapping picture and sound
      3m 36s
    5. Keeping audio and video in sync
      2m 49s
    6. Slip edits
      3m 33s
    7. Slide edits
      2m 33s
    8. Fixing audio that has slipped out of sync
      2m 35s
  6. 20m 34s
    1. Using the Quick Transition window
      4m 15s
    2. Using cross dissolves and fades
      4m 25s
    3. Creating audio transitions
      2m 36s
    4. Applying transitions to multiple clips
      2m 32s
    5. Modifying transitions
      4m 0s
    6. Other transitions
      2m 46s
  7. 22m 54s
    1. Using the Effects palette
      2m 16s
    2. Using the Effects editor
      3m 53s
    3. Using Effects presets
      2m 45s
    4. Keyframe essentials
      4m 19s
    5. Rendering principles
      2m 52s
    6. Basic color correction
      2m 19s
    7. Basic motion effects
      4m 30s
  8. 32m 42s
    1. Creating titles
      10m 10s
    2. Creating a lower third
      15m 17s
    3. Adding credits
      7m 15s
  9. 25m 28s
    1. Using the Audio Control panel
      2m 50s
    2. Setting audio levels
      3m 53s
    3. Setting audio pans
      2m 56s
    4. Creating an audio transition
      3m 1s
    5. Cleaning audio
      5m 34s
    6. Adding music
      7m 14s
  10. 30m 3s
    1. Understanding the file structure
      5m 55s
    2. Live capturing from a tape
      10m 41s
    3. Batch capturing from a tape
      3m 51s
    4. Recapturing your footage
      2m 36s
    5. Importing files
      5m 14s
    6. Relinking files
      1m 46s
  11. 15m 19s
    1. Preparing to record
      9m 35s
    2. Printing to tape
      5m 44s
  12. 14m 20s
    1. Exporting to a file
      8m 33s
    2. Exporting for the web
      3m 41s
    3. Exporting for DVD
      2m 6s
  13. 5m 0s
    1. Differences from other NLE systems
      5m 0s
  14. 31s
    1. Goodbye

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The Project window
Video Duration: 4m 26s 4h 50m Beginner


The Project window provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Chris North as part of the Avid Xpress Pro 5.5 Essential Editing

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All filmmakers and television producers (budding and experienced alike) will probably use an Avid product at some point in their careers. Avid Xpress Pro 5.5 Essential Editing covers the latest version of this high-end editing application, from the basics of using its interface to the ins and outs of rendering, creating titles and credits, and importing and exporting footage. Chris also demonstrates a range of hands-on editing techniques. Exercise files accompany this training.

Topics include:
  • Exploring and customizing the user interface Organizing media and planning a story Editing essentials Moving clips around on the timeline Adding and modifying transitions Using the Effects palette and editor Rendering principles Creating titles and credits Editing and manipulating audio Importing footage and live capture Recording to tape Exporting files and media
Xpress Pro

The Project window

Okay, so first of all, let's have a look at the Project window. Now, this is a very important window. You are going to find yourself clicking in here a lot as you work with the Avid. There are a number of tabs at the top here and let's go through those one by one. The first is the Bins tab and in there are all the bins that you are creating for your projects. Now, bins are just essentially folders that you can use to store any number of assets, whether they'd be video or audio or graphics, etcetera. To open a bin, let's face right forward, I just click once and the bin will open in its own window and there are the clips within the bin. You can also create a new bin simply by selecting New Bin and then I will give it a meaningful name.

Let's call this one, Example Bin. Now, generally speaking, when you are organizing your bins, you want to be fairly logical about it and try and create a system that works well for you. So, when I work, I typically have a bin just for sequences, maybe a bin just for my graphics, my video and audio and I can manage those that way and it makes it easier for me to find clips later on. In addition to creating bins, I can also create folders and these are available from the fast menu here and in the same way that bins are used to store assets, folders are used to store bins. Let's give this a meaningful name and I can store my bins in a folder simply by dragging the bin into it like so. There is a very useful feature in the project window when you are working with folders I want to talk about very quickly now. Let's imagine I have a large number of folders and each folder contains a large number of bins and I want to locate a specific bin and I have forgotten where I have put it. Let me just very quickly create another folder to show you what I mean. Let's call this Example Folder 2 and I am going to drag my car footage into it.

Now, if you can imagine a situation where I have a large number of folders and I know that bin I am looking for is somewhere, but not sure where it is, there is an option up here called Flat View. And once I select that, it essentially takes the folders away and just gives me back the bins again. So, it gives me like an overview of my projects. So, where's this specific bin that I am looking for, I can locate it very quickly and then when I've found it, I can simply turn the Flat View off and the folders will re-appear. So, it's just a nice little touch there just for making locating bins a little easier. So, I am just going to drag my bins out of these folders again to make the folders empty and now I want to leave those now. So, I am going to select them both, go up to my fast menu and select Delete Selected Bins. And you'll notice that Avid creates a Trashcan. So that's giving me an option to recover anything that I delete in my project window. If I am sure that I want to delete it though, I can select the Trash, go up to my fast menu and empty the Trash like so. Do I definitely want to delete it? Yes, I do. And now it's gone.

Okay, so we'll have a quick look at the Settings tab now and this is essentially where we store all our preferences for the Avid and you notice there are all sorts of things there for audio, options for when we are capturing from a camcorder and various other options. We are not going into huge amount of detail about these right now, but we will be returning to the Settings window frequently throughout the training. Next tab along is our Effects tab and this contains all the effects that Avid offers us. Some of these effects are transition based, in other words, they exist between two clips and others are our segment based, which means they are actually applied to a clip in its entirety. Again, don't worry too much about that right now. We are going to be coming back to Effects and covering these in a lot more detail in the Effects chapter. Next tab along is our Format tab; not very much in here. It is just giving us a quick bit of information about our current project setting.

If we are working with a mixture of SD and HD material and particularly, if we are off-lining SD and on-lining HD, we can switch backward and forward between them. Again, if you are not doing any of that, don't worry. You can just leave that setting as it is. And the final tab here is Info and there is just some general information in here that may be of use to you. For example, the status of hard drives in terms of how much room is left on this. When we click on the System tab, it is telling us the current version of the operating system and how much physical memory we have. And the last option here for Memory. It is just giving us a bit of information about our memory usage. Again, you might never need to go here but it's there if you need it.

So, that's our Project window. Now, let's have a look at bins specifically and how we manage the assets within our bins.

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