XML Essential Training
Illustration by John Hersey

XML Essential Training

with Joe Marini

Video: Welcome

Hi, I'm Joe Marini, and I'd like to welcome you to XML Essential Training.
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  1. 3m 45s
    1. Welcome
      1m 1s
    2. What you should already know
      1m 11s
    3. Using the exercise files and snippets
      1m 33s
  2. 12m 16s
    1. What is XML?
      4m 5s
    2. XML-related technologies
      2m 26s
    3. Installing the developer tools
      5m 45s
  3. 12m 50s
    1. Describing information with XML
      3m 7s
    2. Advantages and drawbacks of XML
      3m 22s
    3. Real-world examples of XML
      6m 21s
  4. 15m 49s
    1. Types of XML content
      7m 56s
    2. Proper XML syntax
      2m 22s
    3. Valid documents
      1m 50s
    4. XML namespaces
      3m 41s
  5. 15m 57s
    1. Your first XML file
      3m 7s
    2. Associating an XML file with a CSS style sheet
      3m 25s
    3. Styling XML tags with CSS
      3m 41s
    4. Advanced XML with CSS
      5m 44s
  6. 37m 36s
    1. Introduction to the DOM
      6m 18s
    2. Discovering document content
      5m 11s
    3. Extracting and manipulating data
      5m 28s
    4. Creating new document content
      9m 50s
    5. Bringing it all together
      10m 49s
  7. 16m 3s
    1. What is XPath?
      6m 26s
    2. Taking XPath for a spin
      9m 37s
  8. 7m 32s
    1. What is XSLT?
      4m 8s
    2. Using XSLT with XML
      3m 24s
  9. 18m 50s
    1. Simple XSLT styling
      4m 30s
    2. XSLT and CSS
      2m 0s
    3. Repeating items
      4m 23s
    4. Conditional logic
      5m 23s
    5. Sorting XML data with XSLT
      2m 34s
  10. 22m 36s
    1. What is a DTD?
      1m 54s
    2. DTD syntax
      1m 47s
    3. Declaring elements
      5m 16s
    4. Declaring attributes
      4m 3s
    5. Exercise: Declaring a DTD for our BusinessCard XML file
      6m 42s
    6. Associating a DTD with an XML file
      2m 54s
  11. 28m 41s
    1. What is an XML schema?
      2m 31s
    2. Anatomy of a schema
      1m 22s
    3. Declaring elements
      13m 15s
    4. Declaring attributes
      4m 11s
    5. Defining a schema for our BusinessCard XML file
      7m 22s
  12. 1m 13s
    1. Goodbye
      1m 13s

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Watch the Online Video Course XML Essential Training
3h 13m Beginner Feb 27, 2014

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XML, or Extensible Markup Language, was designed to make information sharing and data interpretation easier. In this course, developer and author Joe Marini takes you through the basic rules of XML, explains its syntax, and covers more advanced topics such as styling your XML with CSS and XSLT and manipulating XML through the DOM. From integrating XML into your site to creating document type declarations and schema definitions, this course covers everything you need to not only get started with XML but also master it.

Topics include:
  • What is XML?
  • The advantages and drawbacks of XML
  • Proper XML syntax
  • Working with namespaces
  • Styling XML tags with CSS
  • Extracting and manipulating data
  • Taking XPath and XSLT for a spin
  • Creating document type definitions and schema definitions
Developer IT
Joe Marini


Hi, I'm Joe Marini, and I'd like to welcome you to XML Essential Training. XML has become a widely used standard for storing and exchanging information on the internet. Knowing how to work with XML has become a core skill that every developer needs to have. In this course, we'll start off by learning about what XML is and does, and some of its advantages and drawbacks. Then we'll see how to create and style XML content using a variety of approaches, such as CSS and using the browser's DOM.

We'll investigate complimentary XML technologies like XPath and XSLT, and see how they can be used to manipulate XML content. Finally, we'll see how to use document type definitions and XML schema to help ensure that your XML data is error free. Whether it's working behind the scenes or publishing blogs, distributing data over the web, or bridging the gaps between separate computer systems, XML is a foundational technology that every developer needs to know. Let's get started with XML Essential Training.

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