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Comparing Word 2007 and Word 2010


Word 2010 New Features

with Gini Courter

Video: Comparing Word 2007 and Word 2010

Comparing Word 2007 and Word 2010 provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Gini Courter as part of the Word 2010 New Features
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Word 2010 New Features shows how to use the features in Microsoft Word 2010 to proficiently create professionally formatted and richly illustrated documents. Author Gini Courter shows how to use its collaboration and saving tools and takes a complete tour of the Backstage file management system. The course also covers text effects and SmartArt layouts, improved image editing tools, and workspace customization options. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Ensuring document compatibility
  • Managing documents with Backstage view
  • Recovering unsaved documents
  • Co-authoring in SharePoint
  • Adjusting pictures and adding effects
  • Inserting screenshots into documents
  • Reviewing and annotating directly in a document with a tablet computer
Gini Courter

Comparing Word 2007 and Word 2010

Whenever Microsoft releases a new version of Office, Word users wonder, "What's new and improved in this version of Word?" Are there features that I really want to use, or should I just stay with the software I already have, the software I already know? Here's a quick tour of key differences between Word 2007 and Word 2010. In Word 2010, the Ribbon's still here, but you can customize the Ribbon. You can take commands that aren't on the Ribbon and add it to your default Ribbon, or even add new tabs and populate it with macros that you need to run on a regular basis.

Word 2010's Backstage view is an impressive makeover. Backstage consolidates all the document-management commands in one central location, from templates for new documents to a combination Preview and Print window that reflect setting changes in real time. You can easily share documents by e-mail, on SharePoint, or on a free Windows Live drive. In Word 2010, documents that you open from risky locations, like the Internet, Temporary Folders, or that arrived as e-mail attachments, automatically open in a special protected view where you can review the document without risk.

Word 2007 opened most of these documents in the regular Word environment without warning you. Word 2010 works overtime to protect your work and your computer. In Word 2007, you could add the usual text effects: bold, italicized, underlined, small caps and so on. Word 2010 has new, eye-catching text effects, not just WordArt, but effects you apply without losing the ability to spellcheck or treat the affected text as you would other text in the document, effects like Outline, Shadow, Reflection and Glow.

The Word 2010 Navigation pane combines search functionality with navigation, all in one spot. This is also an editing pane where you can rearrange your document using drag and drop from one point to another. In Word 2007, you needed a separate application for photo editing. Although you had Brightness and Contrast and some other tools, they weren't as easy to use as the tools in Word 2010. Word 2010 includes photo correction tools that can sharpen and soften, change brightness and contrast, visually and easily, as well as new cropping and background removal tools that allow you to touch up your photos and line art without leaving Word.

Effects like Reflection, Glow and Shadow that can be applied to text, can be applied to images as well. This is a much nicer graphic than the corresponding graphics in Word 2007. Whether you're using Office 2007 or still using Office 2003, Office 2010 and Word 2010 offer enough new and improved features and functionality to make upgrading worthwhile.

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