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Windows Vista Essential Training

with Jeff Van West

Video: Welcome

Comprehensive guidance through the process of upgrading Windows system software and taking Vista on the road.
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  1. 27m 37s
    1. Welcome
      4m 42s
    2. Vista's top 10
      7m 1s
    3. Some Windows basics
      15m 54s
  2. 48m 55s
    1. Hardware assessment
      6m 49s
    2. Easy Transfer and the File Transfer wizard
      7m 13s
    3. Installing Windows Vista
      5m 50s
    4. Dealing with drivers
      14m 50s
    5. Running older software in Vista
      9m 59s
    6. Installing software in Vista
      4m 14s
  3. 2h 32m
    1. The Welcome Center
      5m 42s
    2. The Aero desktop
      15m 48s
    3. The new Start menu
      20m 32s
    4. The taskbar
      21m 26s
    5. Gadgets and Sidebar
      15m 55s
    6. The Recycle Bin
      8m 12s
    7. Tweaking visuals for speed and pleasure
      17m 47s
    8. Restoring old Windows items
      8m 15s
    9. Desktop power tips
      15m 59s
    10. Using voice recognition
      14m 38s
    11. Voice recognition options
      8m 26s
  4. 1h 32m
    1. Navigating folders in Vista
      15m 38s
    2. The user folder concept
      6m 25s
    3. Filtering, sorting, and grouping
      8m 14s
    4. Indexed searching
      14m 40s
    5. Setting folder preferences
      16m 7s
    6. Burning to CD/DVD
      13m 4s
    7. The Send To commands
      7m 44s
    8. Windows Explorer tips and tricks
      10m 28s
  5. 1h 41m
    1. The IE 7 tour
      16m 2s
    2. Favorites and History
      8m 45s
    3. RSS
      5m 16s
    4. IE security
      15m 12s
    5. Customizing IE 7
      13m 30s
    6. Windows Mail
      12m 21s
    7. Windows Contacts
      11m 8s
    8. Windows Calendar
      18m 50s
  6. 1h 5m
    1. Windows Media Player 11
      16m 43s
    2. Photo Gallery basics
      15m 28s
    3. Photo Gallery advanced
      12m 4s
    4. Movie Maker
      13m 5s
    5. The Snipping tool
      4m 22s
    6. Games
      3m 26s
  7. 30m 25s
    1. Control Panel home
      5m 39s
    2. System control
      7m 45s
    3. Volume controls
      4m 21s
    4. The new "Add and Remove Programs" feature
      3m 53s
    5. Default programs and AutoPlay
      8m 47s
  8. 28m 33s
    1. Mobility Center
      3m 13s
    2. Projection and Presentation modes
      4m 14s
    3. Power options
      10m 26s
    4. The Sync Center and offline files
      10m 40s
  9. 51m 39s
    1. Connecting to a network: The Network and Sharing Center
      10m 21s
    2. Wireless networking
      7m 37s
    3. Creating and finding shares
      11m 19s
    4. Networking troubleshooting
      11m 44s
    5. Remote Desktop
      3m 48s
    6. Windows Meeting Space
      6m 50s
  10. 1h 5m
    1. Security Center and Windows Firewall
      7m 1s
    2. Windows updates
      7m 36s
    3. Windows Defender
      8m 18s
    4. User access control: Standard vs. Admin accounts
      12m 2s
    5. More on accounts
      6m 59s
    6. Password management
      5m 0s
    7. Parental controls
      12m 27s
    8. File and hard drive encryption
      6m 7s
  11. 25m 42s
    1. Adding local printers
      6m 55s
    2. Adding network printers
      5m 36s
    3. Troubleshooting printers
      2m 40s
    4. Cool printing tips
      7m 31s
    5. XPS and PDFs in Vista
      3m 0s
  12. 39m 29s
    1. Using Help files
      3m 33s
    2. Backup files and drives
      9m 2s
    3. File and full disk restore
      8m 31s
    4. System restore points
      4m 34s
    5. Crashes and hangs
      10m 18s
    6. When Vista won't even boot
      3m 31s
  13. 37s
    1. Goodbye

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Windows Vista Essential Training
Video Duration: 0s 12h 9m Beginner


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In Windows Vista Essential Training , instructor Jeff Van West offers comprehensive guidance through the often-daunting task of upgrading Windows system software. After discussing Vista's many new features and demonstrating the initial installation, Jeff explains how to run older software, customize settings and the desktop, and troubleshoot along the way. The tutorials also cover the ins and outs of taking Vista on the road for portable computing, from setting up security to working with all types of media and optimizing performance. Exercise files accompany the training.



Hi, I'm Jeff Van West and you're looking at the Desktop for Microsoft Windows Vista, and this is Windows Vista Essential Training. Windows Vista took years to create. It was a hugely ambitious project for Microsoft, and if it had all come through as planned, it would have been as big a change to an operating system as Macintosh moving from OS 9 to OS X. And no, I don't just mean the fact that Windows Vista has gadgets -- there they are on the side -- that look a lot like OS X widgets. No, it's underneath the hood.

It's inside the operating system where things would have changed. You see Vista was supposed to have something called managed code, which would've been a really different way that the applications for Windows Vista could have been put together. It would have had something called an XML file system. How severe is that? That would have meant that say, some of your documents, your Word documents, could've been read, oh, by a page- layout program, or a Word document could've been read as a picture or it could've been read by Excel, and the data would have just been reconfigured in a different way.

There was supposed to be a new application programming interface, new graphics systems. It goes on and on and on. Did it all happen? No. It really didn't. But a lot of changes underneath the hood did happen and Windows Vista is significantly different both in what you see and what you can't see than the Windows systems that came before it. In this training program we're going to look at what we call the essential features. And that's why this is essential training, not exhaustive training. We're going to try and bring you up to speed as smoothly and thoroughly as possible on what you really need to know to operate Vista well, where the pitfalls might be, and what the workarounds might be.

While we're looking at Windows Vista here, let me just give you an example of something that's happening underneath the scenes. It's kind of the groundwork for what may change in Vista in the future and it'll give you a taste of how significant the differences are. One of the things that Windows Vista was supposed to have in it and it does support, is called WDF applications. And that's a different kind of graphics. Now what does that mean? Well let's take a look at something like Windows Media Player here. We'll have a movie on Windows Media Player 11 so you don't have to learn everything about it right now, but what I want to show you is this looks like your average Windows program.

I'm going to zoom in on it a little bit. Let me get my magnifier out. There we go. I'll put it up to the side. Now what you can see is as I'm rolling around, look at the cursor, the small cursor down low over the word world. And then up high in the window that says Magnifier at the top of the screen, what you're seeing is a direct magnification of this window and you can see when you magnify it, it looks kind of broken up. It's pixelated.

That's because the window on the screen that we see normal size is actually just a bunch of dots put together of when you zoom in on it, you get the dots all pixelated, and it doesn't look quite so good. This is something that's inherent to computers up until recent times when we have graphics software and graphics hardware that's capable of doing much more, but the code driving it is this old system. Vista has the capability to go beyond this. I'm going to switch to another program here called iBloks. I'm going to take my magnifier and I'll look down at the bottom of the screen where the word Mobile is.

Look up in the magnifier and see how smooth it is. Here are the buttons. Ink, Text, Videos, Photos. Can you see the difference? I've zoomed in, but now I have crystal clarity at any zoom setting. Why does this matter? Well in these days of larger and larger LCD monitors and multiple monitors, you have this weird effect that happens where objects on the screen look really small on one monitor, really large on another, they look good on one monitor, they don't look good on another.

WDF graphics is a way of getting past this. Again, this is just one example of the kinds of things that are lurking, if you will, in Vista, and we're going to show you along the way. Let me minimize these for you and close my magnifier. If you want to find out a little bit more about what's behind the scenes in Windows Vista, there's a great summary here:

And it's a great summary of some of the stuff that's really happening behind the scenes in Vista. Worth perusing if you're interested in that sort of thing. Without further ado though, let's get into Windows Vista itself and look at the top 10 features and the bottom 10 features.

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