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Video: Windows updates

Okay, let's pick up on automatic updating. Now you can see I'm back in the Security Center, which we got to through the Control Panel > Security Center and you can see it's yellow, which means it's not in the way Windows would like it to be. So what is the deal with this? Let's go over and click on Windows Update. It will open yet a third window, which will kind of center on here for you. This is the main control for Windows Update and Windows Update is no longer available through the Start menu.
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  1. 27m 37s
    1. Welcome
      4m 42s
    2. Vista's top 10
      7m 1s
    3. Some Windows basics
      15m 54s
  2. 48m 55s
    1. Hardware assessment
      6m 49s
    2. Easy Transfer and the File Transfer wizard
      7m 13s
    3. Installing Windows Vista
      5m 50s
    4. Dealing with drivers
      14m 50s
    5. Running older software in Vista
      9m 59s
    6. Installing software in Vista
      4m 14s
  3. 2h 32m
    1. The Welcome Center
      5m 42s
    2. The Aero desktop
      15m 48s
    3. The new Start menu
      20m 32s
    4. The taskbar
      21m 26s
    5. Gadgets and Sidebar
      15m 55s
    6. The Recycle Bin
      8m 12s
    7. Tweaking visuals for speed and pleasure
      17m 47s
    8. Restoring old Windows items
      8m 15s
    9. Desktop power tips
      15m 59s
    10. Using voice recognition
      14m 38s
    11. Voice recognition options
      8m 26s
  4. 1h 32m
    1. Navigating folders in Vista
      15m 38s
    2. The user folder concept
      6m 25s
    3. Filtering, sorting, and grouping
      8m 14s
    4. Indexed searching
      14m 40s
    5. Setting folder preferences
      16m 7s
    6. Burning to CD/DVD
      13m 4s
    7. The Send To commands
      7m 44s
    8. Windows Explorer tips and tricks
      10m 28s
  5. 1h 41m
    1. The IE 7 tour
      16m 2s
    2. Favorites and History
      8m 45s
    3. RSS
      5m 16s
    4. IE security
      15m 12s
    5. Customizing IE 7
      13m 30s
    6. Windows Mail
      12m 21s
    7. Windows Contacts
      11m 8s
    8. Windows Calendar
      18m 50s
  6. 1h 5m
    1. Windows Media Player 11
      16m 43s
    2. Photo Gallery basics
      15m 28s
    3. Photo Gallery advanced
      12m 4s
    4. Movie Maker
      13m 5s
    5. The Snipping tool
      4m 22s
    6. Games
      3m 26s
  7. 30m 25s
    1. Control Panel home
      5m 39s
    2. System control
      7m 45s
    3. Volume controls
      4m 21s
    4. The new "Add and Remove Programs" feature
      3m 53s
    5. Default programs and AutoPlay
      8m 47s
  8. 28m 33s
    1. Mobility Center
      3m 13s
    2. Projection and Presentation modes
      4m 14s
    3. Power options
      10m 26s
    4. The Sync Center and offline files
      10m 40s
  9. 51m 39s
    1. Connecting to a network: The Network and Sharing Center
      10m 21s
    2. Wireless networking
      7m 37s
    3. Creating and finding shares
      11m 19s
    4. Networking troubleshooting
      11m 44s
    5. Remote Desktop
      3m 48s
    6. Windows Meeting Space
      6m 50s
  10. 1h 5m
    1. Security Center and Windows Firewall
      7m 1s
    2. Windows updates
      7m 36s
    3. Windows Defender
      8m 18s
    4. User access control: Standard vs. Admin accounts
      12m 2s
    5. More on accounts
      6m 59s
    6. Password management
      5m 0s
    7. Parental controls
      12m 27s
    8. File and hard drive encryption
      6m 7s
  11. 25m 42s
    1. Adding local printers
      6m 55s
    2. Adding network printers
      5m 36s
    3. Troubleshooting printers
      2m 40s
    4. Cool printing tips
      7m 31s
    5. XPS and PDFs in Vista
      3m 0s
  12. 39m 29s
    1. Using Help files
      3m 33s
    2. Backup files and drives
      9m 2s
    3. File and full disk restore
      8m 31s
    4. System restore points
      4m 34s
    5. Crashes and hangs
      10m 18s
    6. When Vista won't even boot
      3m 31s
  13. 37s
    1. Goodbye

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In Windows Vista Essential Training , instructor Jeff Van West offers comprehensive guidance through the often-daunting task of upgrading Windows system software. After discussing Vista's many new features and demonstrating the initial installation, Jeff explains how to run older software, customize settings and the desktop, and troubleshoot along the way. The tutorials also cover the ins and outs of taking Vista on the road for portable computing, from setting up security to working with all types of media and optimizing performance. Exercise files accompany the training.

Jeff Van West

Windows updates

Okay, let's pick up on automatic updating. Now you can see I'm back in the Security Center, which we got to through the Control Panel > Security Center and you can see it's yellow, which means it's not in the way Windows would like it to be. So what is the deal with this? Let's go over and click on Windows Update. It will open yet a third window, which will kind of center on here for you. This is the main control for Windows Update and Windows Update is no longer available through the Start menu.

You're not going to find it over here anymore in terms of a webpage, I should say. You can go to Windows Update from the Start menu, but it's just going to bring you right to the same screen, this Control Panel. There are updates available. It says one of them is important, there are 18 that are optional and there's this little thing that says View available updates. Notice they want to push you right away to install updates. I'd like to take a look and see what's being installed before I install it. I also don't like them being installed automatically, but let me show you why.

Here on Change Settings, here is how Windows installs update. By default when you get Vista, this is what's checked. Every day, 3:00 a.m., it installs updates. If you're the kind of person who doesn't like to take to an active role in maintaining your computer, you just want to take care of itself. It should be like a toaster. I put in the toast, it works, I don't think about it. Then absolutely stay with this setting, Install updates automatically. The only real danger is that occasionally you may end up in a situation when the computer wants to restart itself and you are in the middle of doing something and it keeps nagging you to restart.

If you hit the wrong button there, it will go through and try and restart it and I've been burned once or twice where I wasn't really paying attention. Computer asked me to restart, I said, yeah whatever, and then it closed out a program that wasn't very responsive to the system and I lost work. It drove me nuts. I also have remote computers that I don't want restarting on their own and all of sudden something goes wrong and I can't get into them. So I like to have control over it, but I do want Windows to go check for updates and tell me that they are out there, so I don't have to manually check for them.

So I like this setting right here. Whatever you do, don't check this setting. You really do need to get the regular updates, so take your pick on what you want to do, but make sure that Windows at the very least notifies you of updates. The same thing down here. These are pretty useful, just in terms of making sure you've gotten all the information and then even if you are going to do with it what you will. Let's take a look at the updates that are available.

Right now we have this Cumulative Update for Windows Vista, Update for Windows Vista. This is recommended. This is for Media Center rather. Recommended, Optional. It sounds to me like, Optional, there's probably not a big deal. We can double-click on it and then you can see why it's optional. It says update resolves an issue for Windows search returning a complete set of results when the date option Non- Gregorian Calendar is in use. Oh, give me a break! But nonetheless, I don't know. It might apply to you.

It's a Knowledge Base article 929735, if you really want to look it up. That's what that KB means. Usually, anything in these updates I will go ahead and check. Here are some extras, if you will. You can check those as well. I could get a Hold Em Poker Game added. This has to do with encryption, which we'll talk about a little later in security. These updates, however, language packs, there is a long list and maybe I don't really want all those updates to show up on a regular basis. If there are updates I don't want to install and I want to get them out of the list, while I am here, I can right- click on them and just click Hide update.

Now the sad part is I have to do this for every single one. Hide update, Hide update. At the very least though, I don't have to re-authenticate for every one, because I already authenticated once and usually, authenticate again meaning typing in a password of the administrator on the computer. Usually when you authenticate you only have to do it once per window. So basically, for the rest of watching this window, I am an administrator.

So I just hit all of those. It was right-click, pull-down, left- click, right-click, go down, left-click, so that those will disappear in the future. Now I can go ahead and click Install and Windows is going to go ahead and install the update. It can give me progress. While it's happening, I can look and see all the updates that have happened in the past. Here are all the previous updates, and this is kind of important to watch. See, I had recently a definition update for Windows Defender, which we'll talk about in the next movie.

That was successful. All of these were successful, important, important. There are a couple that failed here. Am I worried about this? Is this going to be a problem? Well, I can take a look up the line and see whether it was later successful. The Cumulative Update for Windows Media Center. Well, guess what? That's one of the updates I am downloading right now. Malicious Software Removal tool that failed? Later on I got it and it worked. Definition Update for Windows Defender and here's the definition number. Well, here's a later one, a more recent one further up the line, so there's no issue there.

You'll also notice now that there's no separate update for Microsoft Office. It's built right into Windows Update. If you ever want to remove an update, it says you right there that you can go and show the installed updates. But if you go right at the bottom here, you can see the installed updates and this was part of Programs and Features, which is where we installed and removed software. You can also view updates here and as I said before, you can remove some of them, but not necessarily all of them.

Some of them become permanently integrated into the operating system. So that's where they go once they're all done. Switch back to Windows Updates, so we can see what's going on. Right now it's installing them and when it's all done it may give me a message that I need to restart my computer, in which case I'll just restart it. Sometimes after you've installed updates on the restart, just so you know, you run into a situation where it takes longer for the computer to restart. It also may take longer for the computer to shut down and if you have automatic updates, a little tip.

It's going to try and install them on its own, but sometimes when you go to shut down, you'll see right on your power button here, you'll see a little shield up here and what that's telling you is that the computer is going to need to shutdown and restart and when it does it's going to install updates at the very end of that cycle. It may take extra long to shut down. The reason I point that out is you can usually avoid that time by sleeping the computer or something in between. You don't want to do that shutdown like right before you get on an airplane or something. You've been working, and okay, I am going to shut the computer down later and install its updates.

It's going to sit there running and who knows? It could sit there running for like half an hour and you know, they are waiting for you to get on the plane. "Your luggage is on, sir." Coming right along! My computer won't shut down. You've got to shut it down before the plane and it's sitting there installing updates and you can't stop it when it's doing that. So make sure that you do this process either manually or you shut down the computer and install the updates that it's telling you it's going to install. Make sure you do it when there's time. You don't need the computer and it doesn't need to shut down right away.

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