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the Participant panel features WebEx

Understanding the Participant panel features provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taugh… Show More

Up and Running with WebEx Training Center

with Karen Hyder

Video: the Participant panel features WebEx

Understanding the Participant panel features provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Karen Hyder as part of the Up and Running with WebEx Training Center
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  1. 1m 47s
    1. Welcome
      1m 2s
    2. What you need to know
  2. 11m 26s
    1. Introducing WebEx and registering for a session
      2m 57s
    2. Joining a session
      1m 37s
    3. Setting your preferences
      3m 53s
    4. Accessing the downloadable tools
      2m 59s
  3. 27m 27s
    1. Creating an instant session
      2m 21s
    2. Scheduling and setting up a training session
      1m 36s
    3. Selecting audio conference settings
      2m 22s
    4. Setting a session's date, time, and occurrence
      2m 34s
    5. Scheduling in-session hands-on labs
    6. Requiring registration
      2m 6s
    7. Inviting attendees and presenters
      2m 59s
    8. Setting session options and customizing a greeting
      3m 18s
    9. Setting up breakout sessions
      1m 12s
    10. Editing email options
      3m 33s
    11. Setting session information and adding course material
      1m 30s
    12. Adding tests
      1m 29s
    13. Saving settings as templates
      1m 36s
  4. 12m 40s
    1. Logging in from email
      2m 30s
    2. Introducing the WebEx user interface
      1m 8s
    3. Understanding WebEx panels
      2m 55s
    4. Sending and receiving chat messages
      3m 13s
    5. Viewing preloaded content
      2m 54s
  5. 13m 0s
    1. Logging in as a host and adjusting the session
      2m 20s
    2. Creating tests
      2m 44s
    3. Modifying session settings
      4m 11s
    4. Assigning participant privileges
      3m 45s
  6. 19m 43s
    1. Understanding the Participant panel features
      3m 21s
    2. Using emoticons to engage participants
      4m 18s
    3. Activating audio and video controls
      3m 2s
    4. Changing participant roles
      2m 21s
    5. Inviting and expelling participants after the session has started
      2m 12s
    6. Using the Q&A panel
      4m 29s
  7. 40m 38s
    1. Uploading files and polls to share
      6m 10s
    2. Displaying slides and animations
      3m 3s
    3. Annotating slides and whiteboards
      6m 48s
    4. Presenting audio and video files
      2m 12s
    5. Sharing a live application
      8m 56s
    6. Enabling a user to control a shared application remotely
      3m 21s
    7. Showing a poll question and its results
      5m 51s
    8. Transferring files to participants
      1m 53s
    9. Sharing a web site
    10. Sharing web content
      1m 29s
  8. 12m 45s
    1. Understanding telephony and VoIP audio
      5m 34s
    2. Starting the audio conference
      1m 44s
    3. Testing and troubleshooting audio
      3m 20s
    4. Understanding web camera video options
      2m 7s
  9. 11m 41s
    1. Using polls to support interaction
      2m 21s
    2. Creating and saving poll questions
      4m 0s
    3. Customizing poll settings
      2m 41s
    4. Downloading the WebEx Poll Questionnaire Editor
      2m 39s
  10. 8m 19s
    1. Managing breakout sessions
      8m 19s
  11. 9m 41s
    1. Recording sessions
      5m 28s
    2. Managing network-based recordings
      4m 13s
  12. 2m 31s
    1. Ending a session and saving files
      1m 3s
    2. Reviewing the session files
      1m 28s
  13. 2m 0s
    1. Next steps
      2m 0s

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Understanding the Participant panel features
Video Duration: 3m 21s 2h 53m Beginner


Understanding the Participant panel features provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Karen Hyder as part of the Up and Running with WebEx Training Center

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Watch as author Karen Hyder demonstrates how to use WebEx Training Center to hold effective online meetings with audio, video, and screen sharing capabilities. This course covers how to set up, host, and manage sessions using built-in collaboration tools; how to engage presenters with chat and polling; how to share presentation duties with other participants; and how to use the WebEx recording features to make content available to others at a later date.

Note: Those using Meeting Center will also be able to use this course.

Topics include:
  • Registering for a session
  • Creating an instant session
  • Inviting attendees and presenters
  • Logging in to a session from email
  • Adding course materials and tests
  • Sending and receiving WebEx chat messages
  • Assigning participant privileges
  • Activating audio and video controls
  • Changing participant roles
  • Uploading files and polls
  • Displaying and annotating slides
  • Enabling remote control of shared applications
  • Sharing web content
  • Troubleshooting audio
  • Managing breakout sessions
  • Recording and reviewing sessions
Business Education + Elearning

Understanding the Participant panel features

Trainers often tell me that when they start presenting online using WebEx, it feels strange to not be able to see participants; I agree. And if you're a people person, the perceived lack of connection can make your job seem much harder to do online then it is face-to-face. But the Participant panel here in WebEx provides an interface and tools that you and your participants can use to substitute for some face-to-face communication. The Chat panel allows for typed messaging between presenters and hosts or presenters and participants.

And as long as Permission is turned on, participants can message to each other too. In the Participant panel, the green check mark button is used to say yes and the red X to say no. You can see that here as the participants use those tools. So Greg if you could click on green check mark, Agnes we're seeing your checkmark show up here, so you can see that participants are able to communicate visually using these tools.

They can also click on red X to say No. Greg if you could show your red X and Agnes your red X, you can see that the screen changes to give that feedback. My experience is typically participants don't use these tools without being invited to do so. So please encourage them to use those tools by posing the question and giving them specific instructions on what to click on. Yes and no can communicate almost as much as physical smiling and nodding do and remember each participant can control his own panels.

Sometimes participants need to be reminded to reset panels. For instance when a poll is finished, you might want participants to collapse the Poll panel and expand the Chat panel. And just as an example I am collapsing the chat panel on the Presenter view. On the Participant view, Greg, if you would please, go ahead and collapse your Chat panel and then expand your Chat panel again. The presenter can see how many people have responded to the yes/no question by clicking on the Current Results button.

I could see that three of my participants have responded no. The presenter can clear feedback using the Eraser button to remove the Xs from the display or remove the checkmarks from the display. So the Participant panel and the features there provide some support for that sort of instant feedback that we're used to using in a face-to-face format. It can provide an excellent substitute when you don't have the ability to read body language.

There is one other item I'd like to add here and that is Participants can raise their hand. So if I want to take a show of hands, I would ask the participants, "Hey! Please show hand raise if you'd like to take over audio controls and share your example." Or "Please show hand raise if you agree with what I just said. So this is what hand raise looks like when the participants click Hand Raise. We can see the little hands showing and the number to the right of the hand raise shows the sequence in which the hands were raised, so I can call on individuals in turn.

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