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Workspace provides you with in-depth training on Web. Taught by Jason Yim as part of the Creative In… Show More

Creative Inspirations: Trigger, Interactive Design Studio

with Jason Yim

Video: Workspace

Workspace provides you with in-depth training on Web. Taught by Jason Yim as part of the Creative Inspirations: Trigger, Interactive Design Studio
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Workspace provides you with in-depth training on Web. Taught by Jason Yim as part of the Creative Inspirations: Trigger, Interactive Design Studio

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Trigger may be the biggest little interactive shop that probably has never been heard of. This amazing boutique shoots out web sites, online games, Facebook apps, and iPhone apps for major motion pictures like Spider-Man and District 9, and consumer brands like Nike and Red Bull. Combining a talented design team with solid software engineering, Trigger has mastered the integration of creative expression and technology. With offices in Los Angeles and Shanghai, they've found the elusive winning formula for East-West collaboration. This installment of Creative Inspirations takes viewers inside what may be a prototype for the next generation design firm.



(Music playing) Jason Yim: Hi! I am Jason Yim. This is Trigger, our LA office. It used to actually be a ceramics studio. So you will see that these are from the original ceramic studio. These are ceramic tile. This is actually the first building that we actually looked at for the company. It just worked out that we fell in love with the space. We looked at a couple more. We ended up renting this place for a couple years, and then we just bought it last year.

It was relatively untouched. This whole thing is a standalone building. It has a little dog run on the side. It has this lot. We didn't do anything except for basically paint and put in a ton of IKEA furniture. Here's, partly, our creative area. Here is Jake, AJ, Tim. We can kind of take a peek at what Jake is working on. He does a lot of the Disney stuff, so you see a lot of Toy Story things. We are working on Toy Story III, for next year. This is my dog. This is Khan.

Had him for like ten years. He comes to the office everyday. We did Spidey I and Spidey II at my previous agency and then Spidey III at Trigger, so it's a big franchise for us. So you will see a lot of spidey stuff everywhere. This is the rest of the creative area and we can check out what Brian is working on. So, this is actually for Genentech, which is a pharmaceutical company. So, we might have entertainment stuff going on one person's desk and then something like this on another desk, but I think we are trying to apply the same kind of thinking to all our clients and projects.

Over here are our producers. Here's Mike. Mike actually does a lot of our games and iPhone. Here is Evan. Evin actually leads a lot of the Sony stuff. So he is their favorite guy over there. Here is Perry. He is our Director of Production. Jasmine is our Producer. She is from Singapore actually. Susan is our Account Manager. They handle a lot of, of course, like the client contact stuff. Susan helps me out on the sales and putting all of the proposals together.

This mural thing on the wall - one of our old art directors had painted this. It's actually like a big phoenix that we were putting on our t-shirts and stuff like that, like the, kind of, rebirth idea. And then the office is in here, lots of toys. Everyone has their own collection of stuff. (Music playing) This was actually painted by one of our old art directors as well, a big digital print.

And then our conference meeting room. We call it the IKEA Room. Actually, everything is IKEA in this place, which is what happens when you are starting up on your own funds, but it's fun. It's a good place. We have our - this is not on, but this is our old school Street Fighter machine. It's gone through a lot of wear and tear. It used to be a good time killer for everybody. And this is where we kind of brainstorm, write up all the stuff on the boards, concept ideas and things like that.

That's pretty much the LA office. Welcome to Trigger, Shanghai. So, unlike the LA office, which we found one office from day one, stuck with it until now, the Shanghai office has actually changed three times already. So we started with five people, actually on the other side of town, out in the boonies and stuff. And then we realized that all the fun stuff is on this side, and we moved into another office and that was about 20 people at its max. And then now, finally, here, it's 38 people.

This office, actually, it's two floors. We custom did the interior and stuff. It was built from scratch for our needs, so we are very happy with it. And then Vivid is going to finish up the interview inside the office itself. Vivid Savitri: Hello There! Welcome to Trigger, Shanghai. So this is the first level of Trigger Shanghai, where we have the development team. So over here is the online game development team as well as the website development team. So, this is our - I just want to show you quickly, like this is just the wall that when we went to the company trip, weekend trip, to an island south of Shanghai.

So, a lot of fun, and let's go upstairs. Oh, by the way, not to miss cool stuff, here is our, actually, the mural is actually showing off our portfolio of our past work. Over here, we have our 3D modelers and animators team, our designers and illustrators. And this is also another piece of extra things that we have in the office.

So this is it, the creative space of Trigger Shanghai office.

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