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Creative Insights: Local Projects, Interactive Media Designers

with Local Projects

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The team behind Local Projects, a multimedia design firm, explains the development process behind some of their most high-profile projects, including an installation for the 9/11 Memorial Museum.
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Creative Insights: Local Projects, Interactive Media Designers
Video Duration: 0s27m 1s Appropriate for all Jan 17, 2014

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Local Projects makes innovative multimedia designs for schools, museums, and public spaces. They aim to translate complex ideas like physics, art, and history into experiences that both educate and inspire. In this Creative Insights, founder Jake Barton explains how their unique cross-disciplinary workspace and prototype-first methodology lead to innovation—and installations that age well. His team also explains how they developed projects for the Cleveland Museum of Art, the New York Hall of Science, and the 9/11 Memorial Museum.

Local Projects


Male 1: I'm Jake Barton. I'm principal and founder of Local Projects. We're media design firm so we make everything from iPhone applications to multi-projector installation for museums and public spaces. How do you turn what is essentially a storytelling space into a community conversation space? Female 1: What's a good way or and approach for visitors to interpret, yet engage, without being distracting. Here is where the gamification does happen, so if you are posing with your friends, they are then able to see how well you are doing versus, their own poses.

Female 2: There's a number of stages of testing, like this level of testing is very, very rough. Internal prototyping testing and sort of stage one, of just understanding, like does it work for us. Male 1: When we pitched the original idea for 9-11 memorial museum it was this idea of a listening institution. You can get into the first piece we developed called,'We Remember' which has all of these collage audio portraits Female 3: We were actually in a meeting when someone barged in and said, Oh my God, a plane has just crashed into the World Trade Center. Male 2: Here in Soundtrack Pro, we can specify that a given track is going to be played on a specific speaker in that 100 feet of physical space.

Male 1: The biggest challenge with innovation is, how do you bring it forth in a way that actually produces an emotional connection? The more that we can develop systems that help people to identify themselves within it, the more vital and meaningful that museum experience can be.

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