Virtual Instruments

Learn to use digital audio workstations like Logic, Ableton Live, Reason, and Pro Tools to shape, play, and program virtual instruments such as virtual piano, drums, basses and synthesizers.

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Garrick Chow  
4 Virtual Instruments courses · 103 video tutorials
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  • view course page for GarageBand Essential Training

    GarageBand is free and comes with every Mac. Learn how to lay down tracks with its built-in loops or record your own music with real instruments.

    4h 43m

  • view course page for Songwriting in GarageBand

    Songwriting in GarageBand with Garrick Chow

    Learn how to write, record, and mix a song in GarageBand in 9 simple steps.

    1h 36m

  • view course page for GarageBand for Mac New Features

    Discover the top 10 new features in GarageBand for Mac OS X 10.9, and how they can lead to better recordings.

    1h 14m

  • view course page for iPad Music Production: GarageBand

    Presents GarageBand for the iPad—an inexpensive app that allows you to record and edit music with both real and virtual instruments.

    2h 48m

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