Lighting a Video Interview
Illustration by Esther Peal Watson

Lighting a Video Interview

with Richard Harrington and James Ball

Video: Welcome

Hi, thanks for joining us.
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  1. 1m 9s
    1. Welcome
    2. Using the exercise files
  2. 9m 59s
    1. What are the objectives?
      4m 24s
    2. Things to consider before you arrive
      5m 35s
  3. 25m 32s
    1. A basic light kit
      4m 7s
    2. Light types
      7m 58s
    3. Stands
      4m 44s
    4. Light modifiers
      3m 37s
    5. Stingers and adapters
      5m 6s
  4. 12m 15s
    1. Shutter speed
      4m 54s
    2. Aperture
      2m 38s
    3. ISO
      4m 43s
  5. 13m 38s
    1. Time of day
      3m 58s
    2. Emotional tone of the interview
      4m 54s
    3. Genre
      4m 46s
  6. 9m 50s
    1. Time vs. resources
      5m 56s
    2. Compromise
      3m 54s
  7. 18m 8s
    1. Bringing the talent on set
      6m 56s
    2. Interview tone and mood continuity
      5m 12s
    3. Technical concerns
      6m 0s
  8. 10m 26s
    1. Interview space as the background
      5m 54s
    2. Interview backdrop
      4m 32s
  9. 6m 3s
    1. Evaluating the space
      2m 16s
    2. Finding the best angle
      1m 20s
    3. Talent standing in the shot
      2m 27s
  10. 6m 48s
    1. Key light
      1m 59s
    2. Fill light
      2m 15s
    3. Back light
      2m 34s
  11. 6m 19s
    1. Lighting the background
      1m 51s
    2. Lighting the talent's face
      4m 28s
  12. 12m 58s
    1. Flagging
      2m 9s
    2. Bouncing
      1m 48s
    3. Dimming
      1m 59s
    4. Netting
      1m 3s
    5. Diffusing
      3m 44s
    6. Color correcting
      2m 15s
  13. 13m 43s
    1. Using a stand-in
      2m 20s
    2. Evaluating the talent's wardrobe
      3m 5s
    3. Final adjustments
      1m 42s
    4. Set the eye line
      2m 3s
    5. Bringing it all together
      4m 33s
  14. 1m 43s
    1. Wrapping up
      1m 43s

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Watch the Online Video Course Lighting a Video Interview
2h 28m Intermediate Mar 19, 2014

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Interview lighting should make the subject and the interviewer look great. But you need the right equipment and the right understanding of the shoot's goals to accurately control its look and feel. Join Rich Harrington and Jim Ball as they walk through the gear and information you need to properly light a video interview. Discover how to determine the mood and genre of the interview, properly expose your shots, establish a schedule for the shoot, choose a backdrop, and frame the shot. Plus, learn techniques for controlling the light with flagging, bouncing, diffusion, and other techniques used by the pros.

This course was created and produced by RHED Pixel. We're honored to host this content in our library.

Topics include:
  • Creating a lighting kit of essential gear
  • Working with shutter speed, aperture, and ISO
  • Determining the emotional tone and genre of the interview
  • Choosing a background
  • Finding the best angle
  • Using three-point lighting
  • Lighting backgrounds and faces
  • Color correcting light on set
Richard Harrington James Ball


Hi, thanks for joining us. We're going to be exploring lighting for a video interview. I'm going to walk you through the complete process that it takes to get ready for a video interview. Joining me for this course is my good friend, director of photography Jim Ball, and he's going to share his expertise. Well, make sure that you really feel up to speed on the planning and the though process that goes into putting together an interview, as well as some of the artistic decisions you need to make. We'll also walk you through all of the essential gear that you'll need to pull off great looking professional interviews.

There's a lot of things to cover, so why don't we jump in and start to explore?

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