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Learn about videography and motion graphics, including tutorials on storyboarding, color correction, lighting, and video editing in After Effects, Premiere Pro, iMovie, and Final Cut Pro.

Learn all about video, post-production, motion graphics, and visual effects

Master one of most valuable ways of communicating in the digital age: video. Check out our tutorials on a range of cameras and gear, then learn how to edit with applications like Final Cut, Premiere Pro, and finally, create stunning visual effects and motion graphics that keep your viewers engaged.

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  • view course page for Video Post Tips Weekly

    Video Post Tips Weekly with Ashley Kennedy

    Get a new post-production tip every Wednesday, on topics such as compositing, color correction, audio, and media management.

    10h 36m

  • view course page for Narrative Scene Editing with Avid Media Composer

    Guides video editors through the process of crafting various types of scenes using narrative editing and storytelling techniques in Avid Media Composer.

    2h 9m

  • view course page for Documentary Editing with Avid Media Composer

    Find out how to build a polished documentary using Avid Media Composer and essential documentary editing techniques.

    3h 16m

  • view course page for Color Correction: Creating a Polished Look in Avid Media Composer

    Illustrates how to correct color imbalances or create a specific mood in pre-edited video with the complete color correction workflow in Avid Media Composer.

    2h 37m

  • view course page for Editing with Composites and Effects in Avid Media Composer

    Create and animate complex composites using mattes, keys, and intraframe effects—elements that allow editors and motion graphics artists to seamlessly combine and animate multiple layers of content—with Avid Media Composer.

    2h 14m

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