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Camera Movement for Video Productions

with Eduardo Angel

Video: Why motion is important to video

Learn how to increase the production value and emotional depth of your shots with camera movement.
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Camera Movement for Video Productions
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Filmmaking is a medium defined by motion: not only the action that occurs within a frame, but also movement of the camera itself. It's the ability to employ camera movement that separates new videographers from the pros. In this course, production veteran and instructor Eduardo Angel explains the importance of camera movement and the benefits of integrating it into your video productions. The lessons are explained through a series of examples that compare static shots to their dynamic counterparts, showing exactly how camera movement contributes to each scene, whether it's increasing drama, following action, directing viewers' attention, revealing key details, or simply transitioning between shots in a sequence.

Topics include:
  • Exploring the different types of camera motion
  • Panning and tilting
  • Zooming
  • Racking
  • Tracking on sliders vs. dollies
  • Stabilizing camera movement
  • Working with cranes, jibs, and mounts
  • Choosing the right camera for motion

Why motion is important to video

Hello, I'm Eduardo Angel. In this course, we will be discussing the importance of camera movement, and how and why we should begin to integrate into your own video productions. I am often able to identify photographers who have recently made a transition to video. Simply by the amount, or lack of camera movement in their work. Unlike still photography, filmmaking is a medium defined by motion.

Motion in the action within the frame, but also, of the frame itself. Let's take a look at this. Here is a night exterior shot, at a cafe, with a young woman standing in front of it. It's raining, and she's waiting for here boyfriend, who's running late as usual. Even though someone walks in front of the camera, we have no movement. It almost feels, like a still photograph. A sequence of beautifully composed, perfectly lit shots, can feel like a fancy slide show, as opposed to a story in motion, if they remain frozen.

Now, let's be clear. It is possible to tell a story without any camera movement. We obviously understood the situation. But what if we move the camera. Would it change our perception of the girl waiting impatiently, and the man running late? Let's see. Do you see the difference? Let's just play again the sequence where he arrives. On the left, he just enters and exits the frame. He doesn't seem like he's in a rush. On the right, the camera follows him. We can feel how fast he's walking.

It seems that he actually cares, and he's rushing to get there as fast as possible. And guess what, he is walking at the same exact speed, on both takes, but our perception is completely different. Not only are we increasing the production value of the piece, we're actually shifting the way the audience reads the scene. This is the power of camera movement. In this course, we will see why movement is such a powerful resource, for infusing drama, following action, directing the viewer's attention, revealing key details in transitioning between shots in a sequence.

Let's get started.

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