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Ultra CS3 Essential Training

with Chad Perkins

Video: Welcome

Explores the finer points of keying, as well as how to use Ultra's compositing tools and library of virtual sets and backgrounds.
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  1. 7m 0s
    1. Welcome
      1m 16s
    2. What is keying?
      1m 48s
    3. Using Ultra on the Mac
      1m 2s
    4. Prerequisites
      1m 8s
    5. Using the example files
      1m 46s
  2. 31m 47s
    1. Pulling a quick key
      3m 1s
    2. Basic Ultra workflow
      3m 59s
    3. Understanding Ultra terminology
      2m 57s
    4. Understanding Ultra sessions
      2m 32s
    5. Using the sliders and grids
      4m 41s
    6. Using the sample footage
      4m 40s
    7. Importing footage
      1m 46s
    8. Panning and zooming
      3m 51s
    9. Navigating in time
      2m 24s
    10. Using NTSC and PAL
      1m 56s
  3. 16m 17s
    1. Understanding key points
      3m 7s
    2. Placing key points effectively
      2m 27s
    3. Fine-tuning the key
      6m 0s
    4. Understanding spill
      1m 27s
    5. Suppressing spill
      3m 16s
  4. 24m 28s
    1. Understanding virtual sets
      1m 30s
    2. Applying a virtual set
      1m 17s
    3. Positioning clips in a virtual set
      3m 7s
    4. Changing clip orientation
      3m 4s
    5. Customizing virtual sets
      5m 37s
    6. Understanding the Master Sets Libraries
      1m 8s
    7. Purchasing additional Master Sets Libraries
      1m 20s
    8. Working with wide shots
      3m 10s
    9. Working with medium shots
      1m 58s
    10. Working with tight shots
      2m 17s
  5. 36m 1s
    1. Adding an overlay
      6m 6s
    2. Adding a background
      3m 2s
    3. Adding an animated background
      2m 24s
    4. Creating a “garbage mask”
      2m 24s
    5. Masking out precise areas in footage
      4m 37s
    6. Defocusing a subject or background
      2m 46s
    7. Using shadows from the Input Clip
      1m 48s
    8. Creating shadows in Ultra
      4m 36s
    9. Creating reflections in Ultra
      2m 33s
    10. Correcting color for a better composite
      5m 45s
  6. 26m 40s
    1. Keying complex footage
      5m 18s
    2. Fixing edges
      4m 51s
    3. Trimming video clips
      2m 24s
    4. Creating HD projects with SD footage
      2m 38s
    5. Understanding VirtualTrak
      2m 24s
    6. Working with track pauses
      3m 14s
    7. Animating the virtual camera
      3m 53s
    8. Working with audio
      1m 58s
  7. 5m 21s
    1. Using the Application settings
      1m 52s
    2. Using GPU Boost
      1m 14s
    3. Reusing settings
      2m 15s
  8. 7m 4s
    1. Using this chapter
    2. Choosing the right color
      2m 15s
    3. Using Live Preview
      1m 18s
    4. Lighting the background
      1m 43s
    5. Codecs, color space, and keying
      1m 32s
  9. 8m 2s
    1. Exporting video and image sequences
      2m 21s
    2. About DV type 1 and type 2
      1m 10s
    3. Understanding alpha channels
      1m 52s
    4. Exporting video with an alpha channel
      2m 39s
  10. 1m 37s
    1. Where do I go from here?
      1m 7s
    2. Goodbye

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Ultra CS3 Essential Training
Video duration: 0s 2h 44m Beginner


When working with digital video, it is often necessary to place people or objects into virtual scenes, typically by filming the subject in front of a green or blue screen and replacing the background. This process is called "keying," and it can be very difficult and time-consuming. Ultra is a full-featured application included free with Premiere Pro CS3 that aims to make high-quality keying fast and easy. In Ultra CS3 Essential Training, Chad Perkins explores the finer points of keying, as well as how to use Ultra's compositing tools and library of virtual sets and backgrounds. He also discusses how to shoot good footage for keying and how to export the results. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Placing and fine-tuning key points Understanding and suppressing spill Adding overlays and animated backgrounds Customizing virtual sets Creating reflections and shadows Animating virtual camera tracking Keying complex footage Creating HD projects with SD footage Working with audio Increasing Ultra's efficiency


Hello and welcome to's Ultra CS3 Essential Training. I'm your host, Adobe Certified Instructor Chad Perkins, and what we are going to do in the course of this training series is introduce you and get you familiar with the basic workings of Ultra. Ultra is a new application acquired recently by Adobe Systems used for keying. Ultra also comes with Adobe's powerhouse video software application, Premiere Pro. Basically, Ultra is a very powerful keying application.

I'll explain what keying a little bit more in the next movie. Basically what it allows us to do is composite footage such as this model here on top of cool backgrounds. Now one of the cool things I really like about Ultra that you will see as we go through this training series is that Ultra was designed to be a standalone application. It wasn't designed to come with Premiere Pro. So it's actually a very full-featured little program here. So as we go through this training series, you will see that Ultra can do a lot more than just get rid of a green screen, which it does remarkably well.

It also has a nice little compositing tool. It also comes with a whole wealth of backgrounds and all sorts of stuff that we are going to be looking at as well. So let's just jump right into it and talk a little bit more about what keying is in the next movie.

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