Learn how to use Tableau to see and understand your business's data better. Tableau is a key player in the business intelligence field. These tutorials will help you use this program to analyze and visualize your organization's data.

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  • view course page for Creating Interactive Dashboards in Tableau

    Learn how to build interactive dashboards to explore and analyze your data in Tableau.

    1h 38m

  • view course page for Tableau 9 Essential Training

    Learn to see and understand data with Tableau. Learn to import and summarize data, create and manipulate data visualizations, and share visualizations with your colleagues.

    2h 55m

  • view course page for Up and Running with Public Data Sets

    Learn how to find free, public sources of data on a variety of business, education, and health issues and download the data for your own analysis in Excel.

    2h 6m

  • view course page for Foundations of Business Analytics: Prescriptive Analytics

    Understand the different classes of analytics—descriptive, predictive, and discovery— and be able to deliver prescriptive actions rather than analytics without action.

    2h 40m

  • view course page for Data Visualization for Data Analysts

    Start thinking more clearly and strategically about data visualization. Learn the ten key components of great communication design and how to put them into practice in the slides, charts, diagrams, and templates you work with every day.

    1h 31m

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