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Introduction to navigation bars


Studio 8 Web Workflow

with Abigail Rudner

Video: Introduction to navigation bars

Introduction to navigation bars provides you with in-depth training on Web. Taught by Abigail Rudner as part of the Studio 8 Web Workflow
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  1. 3m 10s
    1. Welcome
    2. Getting started
      2m 43s
  2. 1h 35m
    1. Tools and interface overview pt. 1
      15m 31s
    2. Tools and interface overview pt. 2
      15m 43s
    3. Using the Fireworks pen tool
      7m 21s
    4. Tracing in Flash
      9m 33s
    5. Drawing in Flash
      5m 51s
    6. Exporting Fireworks vectors to Flash
      12m 52s
    7. Editing Fireworks vectors in Flash
      8m 51s
    8. Working with contrasting colors
      8m 19s
    9. Creating and exporting custom color palettes
      11m 25s
  3. 22m 45s
    1. Reviewing appearance options
      5m 56s
    2. Creating a pop-up menu in Fireworks
      9m 38s
    3. Exporting and roundtrip editing
      7m 11s
  4. 27m 9s
    1. Introduction
      2m 5s
    2. Creating and naming slices
      11m 2s
    3. Assigning Behaviors in Fireworks
      8m 2s
    4. Roundtrip editing
      6m 0s
  5. 16m 0s
    1. Creating a layout in Fireworks
      4m 48s
    2. Modifying a layout in Dreamweaver
      7m 2s
    3. Converting a CSS layout to tables
      4m 10s
  6. 30m 46s
    1. Introduction
      1m 44s
    2. Exporting a template layout from Fireworks
      4m 42s
    3. Saving as a template in Dreamweaver
      10m 30s
    4. Creating an album
      7m 43s
    5. Applying a template to album pages
      6m 7s
  7. 36m 19s
    1. Introduction to complex animation techniques
      3m 53s
    2. Importing Fireworks art into Flash
      7m 57s
    3. Creating a button in Flash
      6m 0s
    4. Adding a MovieClip to your button
      18m 29s
  8. 56m 33s
    1. Setting up fly-in text
      6m 24s
    2. Fly-in text animation pt. 1
      14m 41s
    3. Fly-in text animation pt. 2
      9m 13s
    4. Pulsing text animation
      8m 21s
    5. Bubble pop-up animation
      14m 32s
    6. Inserting animation into Dreamweaver
      3m 22s
  9. 1h 4m
    1. Introduction to navigation bars
      1m 30s
    2. Designing in Fireworks
      3m 1s
    3. Importing PNGs
      2m 39s
    4. Tips for importing graphic elements pt. 1
      9m 1s
    5. Tips for importing graphic elements pt. 2
      10m 0s
    6. Tips for importing graphic elements pt. 3
      7m 10s
    7. Tips for importing graphic elements pt. 4
      2m 47s
    8. Creating buttons in Flash
      9m 0s
    9. Adding animation to buttons
      10m 48s
    10. Adding sound and actions to the buttons
      7m 34s
    11. Examining the NavBar in Dreamweaver
      1m 24s
  10. 3m 10s
    1. Mobile interface mockup using the Halo Lite Library
      3m 10s
  11. 19s
    1. Goodbye

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Watch the Online Video Course Studio 8 Web Workflow
Video Duration: 1m 30s5h 57m Intermediate Sep 16, 2005

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Studio 8 Web Workflow is a video-based tutorial designed for intermediate users. The author, Abigail Rudner, draws from her real-life experience as both a Web designer and teacher to take viewers beyond the basics. Abigail shows you how the individual products in Macromedia Studio 8 can be effectively used together, and demonstrates how you can work faster by employing real-life projects and scenarios with an emphasis on creative possibilities. Exercise files accompany the training videos, allowing you to follow along and learn at your own pace.

Topics include:
  • Dreamweaver and Fireworks integration Fireworks and Flash integration Flash and Dreamweaver integration CSS pop-up menus Complex rollovers Animation Using new creative features in Studio 8
Abigail Rudner

Closed captioning isn’t available for this video right now. New videos usually include captioning a few weeks after they’re released.

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