Up and Running with Skype for Windows
Illustration by Neil Webb

Adding and managing contacts


Up and Running with Skype for Windows

with Lisa Larson-Kelley

Video: Adding and managing contacts

Before you can call someone on Skype you need to add them to your contact list. In older versions of Skype you would enter the person's From here, you can click or tap Add Contact here in the bottom right.
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  1. 3m 25s
    1. Welcome
    2. Who is this course for?
    3. What is Skype, and why use it?
      2m 10s
  2. 15m 1s
    1. Getting the right equipment
      1m 28s
    2. Launching Skype and logging in
      2m 29s
    3. Navigating the interface
      2m 51s
    4. Configuring your profile and account settings
      2m 31s
    5. Adding and managing contacts
      5m 42s
  3. 4m 45s
    1. Setting up your webcam
      2m 4s
    2. Setting up your microphone and speakers
      1m 5s
    3. Making a test call
      1m 36s
  4. 9m 59s
    1. Understanding calling options
      1m 2s
    2. Making a video call and sending video messages
      4m 12s
    3. Making an audio call
      1m 37s
    4. Sending text chat messages
      2m 1s
    5. Receiving calls
      1m 7s
  5. 7m 47s
    1. Understanding mobile Skype features
      1m 46s
    2. Using Skype on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad
      1m 52s
    3. Using Skype on Android phones and tablets
      2m 8s
    4. Using Skype on Windows Phone and Windows tablets
      2m 1s
  6. 18m 52s
    1. Skyping to and from landlines and mobile phones
      2m 49s
    2. Setting up a Skype number to accept calls from phones worldwide
      3m 28s
    3. Setting up a Skype To Go number to call phones worldwide
      3m 17s
    4. Sending SMS messages to mobile phones
      1m 42s
    5. Setting up Skype voicemail
      1m 51s
    6. Setting up call forwarding
      1m 48s
    7. Sending files
      1m 27s
    8. Recording Skype calls
      2m 30s
  7. 10m 22s
    1. Installing Skype for Windows desktop
      4m 10s
    2. Making a group video call with Skype for Windows desktop
      2m 16s
    3. Sharing your screen with Skype for Windows desktop
      3m 56s
  8. 5m 6s
    1. Managing privacy settings
      2m 54s
    2. Getting the best video quality
      1m 11s
    3. Getting the best audio quality
      1m 1s
  9. 32s
    1. Wrapping up

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Up and Running with Skype for Windows | Online Video Tutorial
1h 15m Beginner Jan 02, 2014

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Get up and running with Skype, the tool for calling, video chatting, messaging, and sharing with others—wherever you are. With this course, you'll learn the basics from creating an account and adding contacts to making your first call—via audio, video, or even instant message. Author Lisa Larson-Kelley will guide you through setting up the tools you need, your webcam and your microphone, and making a test call. You'll even learn how to use Skype by connecting with Facebook, and also on various mobile devices. You'll then be on your way to more advanced features like calling a landline, making a group video call, and recording Skype calls. You'll also learn how to troubleshoot Skype so you have the best video and audio quality.

Topics include:
  • Getting the right equipment
  • Launching Skype
  • Adding and managing contacts
  • Making audio and video calls
  • Using Skype on mobile devices
  • Setting up Skype voicemail
  • Recording Skype calls
  • Sharing your screen
  • Making group calls
  • Managing privacy settings
Lisa Larson-Kelley

Adding and managing contacts

Before you can call someone on Skype you need to add them to your contact list. There are two ways to add contacts in Skype for Windows 8. You can add someone manually, or you can merge an existing Skype account with your microsoft.com account, then all of your Skype contacts from that account will appear in Skype here in Windows 8 automatically. There's also one additional way to import your contacts but its not yet available with Skype for Windows, and that's to import contacts from Outlook or from Facebook. Well, this option isn't yet available with this version of Skype at the time of this recording there is a work around.

If you have a lot of contacts and you really want to import them in bulk now. You can download the desktop version of Skype, import your contacts there, and then it will appear when you log into your Skype from Windows account. Skype for Windows desktop is supported on Windows 8.1, but it's not built into the Operating System like this version that we're seeing here. It's separate software that you'll need to install manually. And I do cover that in a later chapter. So let's go ahead and add a contact manually. In older versions of Skype you would enter the person's full name Skype name or their email into a search box.

But Microsoft has really streamlined this interface in the Windows 8 version of Skype. Now you need to right-click anywhere on the screen or if you are on a touch screen you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen. And this will bring up the Options bar. From here, you can click or tap Add Contact here in the bottom right. Or, from the Home Screen here, you can get to that same screen by clicking on the magnifying glass. Now you can search for someone by their full name, their Skype name, or by email address. So I'll go ahead and search for my colleague Shea.

And I know that that is her Skype name so you type that in and you just hit Enter. And it's saying no result because I don't have her as a contact yet, so I want to search the Skype directory for her account. Now there happens to just be one match, which is great. A lot of times if you put in the email address or someone's name, you'll have several different choices here. And I will click on the entry to find out more information and make sure that it's the right person. If you're not sure, you can write them a quick text message to ask.

I happen to know that this is Shea's account, so I'll go ahead and click Add to Contacts. Now I'm prompted to send a message along with my contact request. You can just leave this default message but I recommend writing your own personal message, especially if you're Skype name isn't your full name, just so the person knows who you are. And once I have my message there, I can say Send. And now you can see that the contact request has been added to my interaction history just below my chat message up here. To go back to the home screen, click on the back arrow twice. And my new contact appears in my people list but I won't see her status until she accepts my contact request.

When people request that you add them as a contact, you'll see their request right here in your recent column and can click Accept to let them add you. They'll automatically be added to your contact list as well. And there I see that Shea has accepted my contact request. I get a notification here under my recent interactions, and I get to see her profile picture. So, that's the first option to add a contact, searching for and adding them manually. Now, if you had an existing Skype account, and you were forced to log in with your Microsoft account when you started using this version, you can import all of your existing contacts from that account into this Microsoft account, by merging those two.

To do this, click on your status icon here at the top, then choose Account. You'll be taken over to skype.com in the browser here on the right, and from here we can choose Account Settings, and you'll have to scroll down for that. And under Account Settings, you'll see Linked accounts. Here you can choose to link your Microsoft account with an existing Skype account. When that's complete, all of your contacts will appear in Skype automatically. Now you might see here that Facebook is also an option but it's not clickable right now.

This feature is not yet supported but hopefully will be soon. Now, let's hock back over to Skype and we'll do one more thing that I think you'll find really useful. I'll close the browser by just swiping that over. There will probably be a few people you talk with more often then others. Your boss, your mom, your spouse if you start building a big contact list they can get lost in the shuffle. To be able to quickly reach those special people, you want to add them to your favorites. Back here on the home screen, go ahead and click on a contact that you want to favorite, I'll click on Shea, and right-click anywhere on the screen.

Down here you'll see a star icon for favorites. Click on that, and the menu disappears if we go back to the home screen I now have Shea in my favorites. You can do the same thing by clicking on the plus next to the favorites column and add people from there. And you can even add multiple people at once to the list. And I'll click Cancel to jump back to my home. And you can that Shea disappeared from the people menu and moved over to the favorites menu. So you should now have at least one person in your contacts.

As people call you and add you to their contact list, you'll have the opportunity to add them back. And before you know it, your contacts will be overflowing with people to chat with.

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