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SharePoint Designer 2013: Custom Workflows

with Gini Courter

Video: Welcome

Design workflows that boost your team's productivity with SharePoint Designer.
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  1. 8m 30s
    1. Welcome
      1m 10s
    2. What you need to know
      6m 2s
    3. Using the exercise files
      1m 18s
  2. 14m 41s
    1. What's a workflow?
      3m 59s
    2. Automating workflows
      2m 25s
    3. Course workflows and tools
      8m 17s
  3. 23m 54s
    1. Documenting a workflow with Sticky Notes
      6m 1s
    2. Using Excel to document workflow design
      5m 43s
    3. Using Visio to document workflow design
      9m 30s
    4. Driving workflow interactions with forms
      2m 40s
  4. 18m 3s
    1. Exploring the three-state workflow
      9m 50s
    2. Running the three-state workflow
      8m 13s
  5. 6m 29s
    1. Installing SharePoint Designer
      1m 53s
    2. Opening a SharePoint site, list, or library
      4m 36s
  6. 58m 34s
    1. Understanding workflow types and permissions
      2m 11s
    2. Understanding events that start workflows
      3m 26s
    3. Understanding stages and steps
      5m 23s
    4. Understanding workflow actions
      4m 7s
    5. Creating a workflow with SharePoint Designer that sends an email
      13m 20s
    6. Saving and publishing your workflow
      4m 15s
    7. Testing your workflow
      3m 25s
    8. Setting task and history log settings
      5m 50s
    9. Creating a workflow using the Wait for Field Change action
      13m 37s
    10. Adding comments
      3m 0s
  7. 39m 2s
    1. Using conditions to make a choice
      4m 39s
    2. Using conditions to control flow
      2m 48s
    3. Creating a workflow with conditions
      10m 54s
    4. Using the Else branch
      8m 16s
    5. Using parallel blocks
      6m 22s
    6. Using loops
      6m 3s
  8. 25m 52s
    1. Using built-in SharePoint list forms
      4m 40s
    2. Using InfoPath to create a form for a library
      5m 54s
    3. Creating a form library from InfoPath
      15m 18s
  9. 24m 1s
    1. Emailing the submitter
      4m 41s
    2. Emailing other recipients
      4m 22s
    3. Retrieving an email address from a list
      8m 11s
    4. Using Outlook rules to manage workflow messages
      6m 47s
  10. 42m 2s
    1. Pausing a workflow
      3m 36s
    2. Understanding workflow variables
      4m 11s
    3. Overview: Order Business Cards workflow
      4m 28s
    4. Creating workflow variables
      2m 14s
    5. Calculating with numbers using Do Calculation
      4m 39s
    6. Calculating dates and times using Add Time to Date
      2m 56s
    7. Completing the Order Business Cards workflow
      15m 59s
    8. Setting workflow status
      3m 59s
  11. 7m 0s
    1. Building a dictionary
      2m 46s
    2. Counting items in a dictionary
      2m 23s
    3. Getting an item from a dictionary
      1m 51s
  12. 55m 46s
    1. Creating a new list item
      9m 31s
    2. Setting field values
      3m 50s
    3. Assigning a task to a user
      12m 15s
    4. Assigning a task to multiple users
      5m 8s
    5. Adding DateTime columns to the workflow
      5m 3s
    6. Finding an interval between two times or dates
      6m 29s
    7. Updating list items
      5m 47s
    8. Extracting substrings
      7m 43s
  13. 37m 14s
    1. Using the workflow history
      8m 49s
    2. Using email aliases for easy workflow maintenance
      9m 5s
    3. Preventing workflow errors
      11m 1s
    4. Modifying existing workflows
      4m 56s
    5. Managing workflows: Blocking, removing, and reinstating
      3m 23s
  14. 28m 28s
    1. Creating a reusable workflow
      7m 17s
    2. Creating a site workflow
      12m 42s
    3. Packaging a workflow in SharePoint Designer
      2m 50s
    4. Deploying a workflow in SharePoint
      5m 39s
  15. 18m 6s
    1. Creating a SharePoint workflow in Visio 2013
      9m 50s
    2. Validating the workflow in Visio
      2m 4s
    3. Importing and customizing a Visio workflow in SharePoint Designer
      6m 12s
  16. 3m 37s
    1. Next steps
      3m 37s

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SharePoint Designer 2013: Custom Workflows
Video Duration: 0s6h 51m Intermediate Jan 21, 2014

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See how to boost your team's productivity using custom workflows in Microsoft SharePoint. Gini Courter explains how to design workflows in SharePoint Designer, and eliminate inefficiencies and leverage automation to avoid repetitive tasks. You'll learn to create a simple form for your workflow, set up email notifications, and work with list and utility actions. Gini also shows how to design workflows that are easy to maintain and reusable, and deploy your workflows into the wild in SharePoint.

Topics include:
  • Automating workflows
  • Documenting workflows with Sticky Notes, Excel, and Visio
  • Driving workflow interactions with forms
  • Using workflow actions
  • Making choices and controlling flow with conditions
  • Creating a simple form
  • Using email notifications
  • Pausing and stopping workflows with core actions
  • Building a dictionary
  • Creating a site workflow
  • Deploying workflows
  • Creating workflows visually
Business IT
Gini Courter


Hi, I'm Gini Courter. Welcome to SharePoint Designer 2013: Custom Workflows. In this course, I'll be showing you how to create and document workflows. Steps that are taken automatically by SharePoint to automate the work in your organization. I'll show how to use SharePoint's built in workflows, but then we'll quickly go beyond that to build simple, custom workflow steps. You'll learn how to set up workflows to behave the way you want them to behave.

You'll learn how to create conditions within workflows, so that the workflows themselves do what's necessary without additional intervention. And I'll show you how to create and use forms in your workflows, how to send email notifications, and how to incorporate core workflow actions, such as performing calculations, storing values and creating, updating, and deleting list items. We'll also look at two types of workflows that can be reused within SharePoint. Reusable workflows, and site workflows.

We have a lot to do, so let's get started with SharePoint Designer 2013 Custom Workflows.

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about SharePoint Designer 2013: Custom Workflows .

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Q: In the video "Creating a workflow with conditions," the email workflow generates the email and successfully changes the value in AreaCalc but the workflow does not complete, and raises no errors. How can I fix this?
A: There are different workflow configurations for SharePoint 2013; some use the Workflow Manager 1.0, which does not appropriately handle changes to Boolean (Yes/No) columns in workflows. The fix is to change any columns with the Yes/No data type used as workflow triggers to the Number data type.
1. Modify the data type of the AreaCalc, HRCalc, and FinanceCalc columns (which currently use the Yes/No data type) to Number.
2. Set the default value of each Calc column to 0.
3. Modify the calculations of these columns using an IF function to assign 0 to No (False) and 1 to Yes (True). For AreaCalc, the formula would be: =IF(ISBLANK(Area Approval),0,1)
4. In the Wait For Field Change in Current Item workflow actions, modify the conditions in the workflow to trigger based value of the Calc field changing to 1, for example, AreaCalc = 1.
After making these changes, test your workflow again.
You could choose any number values you wish, however, using 0 for False and 1 for True are standard and therefor make your workflow a bit easier to understand.
If you experienced the described behavior in your workflow, you may wish to avoid using the True/False data type while you're designing custom lists for your organization.
Q: Where do I get InfoPath Designer 2013 (mentioned in the "What you need to know" video)?
A: InfoPath Designer 2013 is not currently available as a free download from Microsoft, and it has never been sold as a standalone product. You have two options for obtaining InfoPath:
  1. If you have Office 2013 Pro, you may already have InfoPath Designer 2013, but it may not have been installed. Try reinstalling Office and choose to install InfoPath Designer.
  2. Sign up for a free 30-day trial of one of the Office 365 plans that include InfoPath Designer—for example, Office 365 Enterprise (E3) Edition, which also includes SharePoint, or Office 365 ProPlus, which does not include SharePoint. After the 30-day trial you will need to pay a monthly fee for Office 365. 
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